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Chicken Curry

Recipe photo courtesy of Kristen Strecker

The slow cooker does the heavy lifting here. All you have to do is assemble this hearty coconut milk-based curry, which takes just 10 minutes.

Source: Everyday Food, December 2004
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  • andrea1hantman
    27 FEB, 2019
    Doubling the spices helped but the cocoanut milk didn't benefit the dish and only added calories and a flavor that didn't seem to have a purpose. It was better before the cocoanut milk. May have been better on lower heat cooking longer. Too many peas, Carrots and potatoes might have been better.
  • justwritemrm
    20 SEP, 2018
    I was so disappointed in this almost flavorless recipe. My husband could barely eat his, and he didn't ask for seconds which is rare in our house. It makes me question who is testing these recipes.
  • stanleyhrlong
    9 JUL, 2018
    Great flavor profile.
  • cjhartz321
    17 FEB, 2018
    Incredibly bland...spent more time adding more of everything to turn it into an actual curry dish with flavor.
  • jsmithcameron7
    9 JAN, 2018
    I have made this again and again. It's a little mild though, for a curry. Kids will eat this. Especially nice to serve with the coriander and toasted cashews as suggested
  • MS11233133
    18 JUL, 2016
    Nobody here will eat peas. What else can I add? Spinach?
      3 FEB, 2017
      If nobody likes peas, try bean sprouts, spinach, okra, or bell peppers and pineapple. Really, you can substitute anything your family likes. I would avoid strong or bitter flavors like Brussels sprouts or broccoli as these might overpower the coconut curry. Take a cue from Thai or Indian recipes, or use any vegetable your family usually eats. Tip: Taste your choice BEFORE you shred and return the thigh meat. If you don't like it, scoop out the chicken and strain the curry, sans substitution.
  • eileenross7424726
    6 JUL, 2016
    This was so delicious! I love watching Sarah cook. Thank you!
  • rachelduggan198
    20 JUN, 2016
    Great recipe! I've added it to my rotation. I'll be coming back to Martha Stewart for more recipes. I seriously need to up my cooking skills, last week I doing the Sia quiz - - and I thought a vinaigrette was made using meat and potatoes! D'oh! :)
    • rachelduggan198
      20 JUN, 2016
      My first link didn't work, this is what I meant:
  • Natcookie
    15 SEP, 2015
    this is super yummy and versatile. I cut chicken down to 1 lb, added 1/2 lb of shrimp and a bunch of different veggies. I used chicken broth like some of the other reviewers suggested. Don't leave out the cashews or cilantro - they take the flavor to a whole different level. And if anyone at MS ever reads the comments, could you please make it easier to use your website as far as finding recipes you've seen before and rating recipes . . . it's always such a chore compared to other websites
  • Emily9802
    7 APR, 2015
    This is a household favorite, with some alterations. I use about 1.5 pounds of thighs and make up the rest with potatoes and carrots, and about a cup of peas. I sauté the onions, garlic and ginger in some coconut oil and then add the spices and sauté another minute before dumping the mix in the crockpot. I also add the coconut milk at the beginning and simmer the whole thing on low all day. I usually add a bit of coconut cream (from Trader Joe's) for extra flavor and creaminess.

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