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Zest and juice plump lemons to make a curd that fills this classic lemon meringue pie. The tart lemon filling paired with pillows of soft meringue are a guaranteed hit no matter where you take this pie -- even if it's just a weeknight dessert.

Source: Everyday Food, September 2009



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  • ongrain
    13 FEB, 2019
    I, too, made this pie because I had a bag of lemons in the fridge and I needed a pie for dessert. I’m glad I read the reviews-several were very helpful. 1-read the entire recipe(both of them) first. Gather all of the ingredients. 2. Pie shell only takes about 15 minutes in a 400 degree oven. 3.The curd definitely needs to reach 180 degrees before it starts to thicken, then keep at 180 for a minute or two-this actually cooks the cornstarch. 4. Be sure to completely cool the filled pie before adding meringue. We enjoyed every crumb. Martha’s recipes are delicious if you follow the directions.
  • tmvlkmngmailc
    15 SEP, 2018
    Made this pie because I had a bunch of lemons and it turned out beautiful. I used a heaping tablespoon of lemon zest in the lemon curd. Next time I would probably cut back on the amount of corn starch in the lemon curd and will probably leave the salt out of the meringue. I whipped the meringue until it began to look solid with bubbles then started adding the sugar a spoonful at a time and it was nice and glossy even after it was browned in the oven. Hard to find a dessert that makes everyone happy and they all loved it.
  • gentlearts
    16 JUN, 2018
    The pie is 5 stars, but the instructions are a 1. I agree that this recipe is confusing and hard to follow. I’ve made a few pies in my life, so I waded through in spite of them. The lemon curd must come up to a boil, despite the misleading instructions, or it will not thicken. Stir constantly until it starts to bubble and thicken, then remove from heat. I agree that it does not take 45 minutes to bake a pie shell. All in all, of all the lemon meringue pie recipes in the world, there is just no reason to make this one.
  • khamilton912
    18 JUN, 2017
    My mother always told me that if you can read you can cook. Granted this recipe would have been easier to follow had it been 1 recipe - not divided with a link, but it seems most of the comments have shown a lack of reading the recipe throughly before starting. I have Chemo brain so I always read a recipe twice, gather what I need and reread it to see if it makes sense. I've completed this pie for the first time and it came out simply marvelous! Thank you
  • richmonddianna
    14 MAR, 2017
    Where is the lemons and the butter
    • mesadarcy
      14 MAR, 2017
      Click on the Easy Lemon Curd link in the list of ingredients.
  • joyceboss
    21 JUL, 2015
    This recipe gets an F. After baking with the meringue, the entire pie melted with liquid egg white leaking over the edges. No way could I serve this soup to anyone. Terrible waste of time and money. Something is missing from the ingredients or instructions. Fix this recipe or delete it.
    • dross216
      5 MAY, 2016
      To prevent weeping, do not add the meringue to a cold filling. Rather let the filling come to room temperature before adding the meringue or sprinkle the cold filling with cream of tart before adding the meringue.
  • leeselmes
    27 MAR, 2016
    I am unclear as to step 2's instructions. I made the curd and then in step 2 it says to add the corn starch and water to the curd mixture and mentions butter as in step one, but butter is not listed in the ingredient list for the pie. I ended up adding the water and corn starch as instructed and the filling turned out very runny. Was I supposed to add more butter. I find the instructions very frustrating.
    • dross216
      5 MAY, 2016
      Prepare the Lemon Curd ( which is a separate recipe) through step 1 of the curd recipe. Then for step 2, you add the water and cornstarch mixture along with the butter mentioned in the curd recipe. Then whisk for 5-8 minutes, you will see the mixture thicken and bubbles sputter on the edge.
  • LovelyPenelope
    29 APR, 2016
    I've made this multiple times, its my go to lemon meringue recipe. I love the lemon zest in the curd. My family loves it and my friend who doesnt like Lemon Meringue, loves this pie. :D
  • kissiegirlxoxo
    28 NOV, 2015
    I have successfully made this pie alot. However, a few unpublished tips have ensured my success. The lemon curd needs to get to 180°for a full min or it will not set. Critical for high altitude. (I live at 5000 ft.) My merengue needs help to stabilize from about 1/4 to1/2 tsp cream of tartar. The merengue has to be sealed to the crust (no gaps) or it will shrink and can run, ruining the crust. Also weeping can be helped by dusting curd with cream of tartar before topping it with merengue.
  • Eliah Golan
    6 APR, 2014
    This recipe is not good, when I made the curd, it had a wierd flavor (very "metalic"). The pie crust was very good, but, when I made the meringue, it wouldn't set, so I added a bit more suger and only then it looked like meringue. The results you get after a night in the fridge: 1. The meringue looked wierd and got a "foamy layer" to it and once again, the flavor wasn't very good. 2. The curd: the liquid in the curd seperated from everything else, so the liquids ruind the dough' what a waste!

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