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This is a delicious open-faced sandwich to serve for dinner.

Source: Everyday Food, July/August 2005
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  • ishaolinma4928149
    12 JAN, 2019
    It seems no one knows how to prepare eggplant anymore. (minus a star) Here is how: Slice and generously salt on both sides each slice, When the water is leeched out after about 1/2 an hour, drain off the moisture, rinse i fresh water and then fry or broil until each slice is browned. No more mushy, slimy eggplant. You get a nice firm flesh with delicious flavor. Don't forget salt and pepper those of you complaining about bland. Pepper Jack cheese may help too.
  • karlieghbraswe1
    11 JUN, 2018
    We liked this recipe! I would recommend it to eggplant lovers. I felt like it had a light, fresh taste but it could be viewed as a little bland. Your flavor of course is going to depend on what brand or flavor sauce you are using and you can add seasoning or herbs to your taste. I used a 12 oz country Italian loaf which seemed smaller than the pictured “10 oz” bread (mine had been partially baked and then frozen, so you finish baking it yourself! Delicious and fresh!), 1 cup of Ragu tomato and basil pasta sauce, 6.5 oz of mozzarella cheese (For me this was 8 slices out of 10, all 10 slices would have been 8 oz), and almost a whole medium eggplant. My bread didn't really create wells when pushed, so that affected how much sauce I could put on top. Mine ended up tasting good with about ½ cup on each sandwich, but it may be more flavorful with more sauce! The cheese was delicious and melty! My eggplant turned out nicely too, I used all Italian bread crumbs because this seemed more like an Italian dish and it's what I had on hand.
  • bettycrockercut
    15 APR, 2017
    People are so naggy always a bunch of Negative Nellies in the Group. Here is What I thought on it. It was good I enjoyed it and will make it again. IT was a big hit in my house. Thanks again Martha. Love you as always.
    • aakapaisiiwa
      8 MAY, 2017
      So because you liked it, everyone else should? Maybe you just perpetually cook blank food.
  • Kihebe
    28 JUL, 2013
    I made this according to the recipe with the exception of adding some oregano. The flavor is incredibly bland, there is too much bread and, consequently, the flavor of the eggplant is lost. I may try this again but I will use fresh tomatoes instead of sauce, fresh basil leaves, eggplant and cheese, sans bread. I do not recommend this recipe as is.
  • greis0221
    17 JUL, 2013
    I made this recipe exactly as is with no subsituations or adding extra spices. With that being said, this dish was so bland! I love eggplant and I love sandwiches, so this would be a perfect meal for me...wrong. This melt lacks flavor. It tasted like I was eating a melt with no eggplant, just sauce, bread, and cheese. blah. Probably won't waste a good eggplant on this recipe again.
  • Spritti Bee
    1 APR, 2013
    Added wheat and italian bread crumbs, parmesan & hot paprika to coat the thin slices of eggplant. Left the peel on - yum! Sauteed mushrooms to layer in before covering with cheese. Slightly toasted the bread first. Added garlic powder and a dash of hot sauce to the egg coating. Loved this. Great way to use up eggplant. Even my non-eggplant eating family liked it enough to eat one serving. Not their favorite dish, but the fact that they ate it at all is HUGE. Even the 4 year old!
  • biologyboi
    2 MAR, 2013
    This recipe was really easy and the ingredients aren't hard to find. I sprinkled Italian seasoning over the sauce and eggplant before I put the cheese on and it was delicious.
  • b3cca
    29 MAY, 2012
    This was really tasty when we made it, but the leftovers were quite soggy.
  • MS11162560
    14 JAN, 2012
    Can anyone tell me why the additional pictures are not available to me? I just get the empty box w the red X? Is there a setting I need to change? I love this new addition and don't want to miss the pics.
  • kpfalt1
    1 NOV, 2011
    I really liked this recipe and it was so easy! I did make a few modifications. I used some homemade pizza sauce that I had leftover from a prior dinner. And I also just used some sliced sandwich bread for the base. Really hit the spot! I don't know if next time I'd bother breading the eggplant. You're putting it on top of sauce and covering it with cheese, so not sure how much of the crisp integrity actually remains.

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