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French Onion Soup

Recipe photo courtesy of Beatriz DaCosta

Cooking the onions for a very long time over low heat mellows their flavor and makes a truly delicious soup.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 1999



Cook's Notes

Don't stir the onions too often or they won't caramelize.

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  • 0SENNA0
    25 FEB, 2014
    I added extra tea.s sugar and that really ruined the taste. But after fixing it it tasted really really great. I added half a cup flour and that really helped with the color and flavor. didn't use dried cherries. I will absolutely make it again with more flour, less sugar and no cherries. I might try to make it more creamy to match my family taste maybe adding milk and cream will do it.
    • poehlerj
      3 NOV, 2018
      Apparently misunderstanding the English and thought that "dry sherry" and "dried cherries" were the same thing. Kind of scary to think that someone would be cooking with a vocabulary like that. Also cannot imagine what milk or cream would do a classic like this, especially if the writer had included dried cherries. With onions,and cream?
    • kaye172
      11 DEC, 2017
      I don’t see dried cherries listed...where did you get this from?
  • Kmc2
    28 FEB, 2009
    Why in the world would anyone add thyme to onion soup? It is not ment to be italian spagetti .......?
    • kaye172
      11 DEC, 2017
      Thyme is quite often used in French cooking.
  • cokiethebaby
    27 JAN, 2014
    I saw her make this on the show and thought I would make it, but as a severely altered version cause I didn't have most ingredients, I didnt use wine or cooking sherry, i made my own so called broth using the water, 4 restaurant packets of soy sauce, 1 pack of chicken bullion from oodles of noodles and a splash of vinegar, I only had bay leaves and dries basil.... and used mozerella cheese also. It tasted great & is a yummy comfort food! I may skip the sugar on the onions next time though.
    • kaye172
      11 DEC, 2017
      Your recipe is nothing like the original...yours may be good but you really shouldn’t consider this a review of this French Onion Soup.
  • archjane7463819
    20 MAR, 2015
    Fabulous recipe. Tastes exactly like the French onion soup at Au Pied de Cochon in Paris.
  • Warren Haynes
    9 FEB, 2015
    Thank You Martha !! This is a great soup. I've made it a few times making small changes such as less sherry, adding Port instead of sherry but the original is great. Also, thanks for the tip on dutch ovens, it's my go to pan. Love the cast iron with the porcelain coating !!! You are a great cook !!!!!
  • Ashley Adams
    14 JAN, 2015
    I made this for dinner, the only change I made was using Vermouth instead of the sherry. It came out wonderful! I didn't have to buy a baguette as I had some day old bread I had made that was perfect to use in this recipe.
  • maureen1900
    15 OCT, 2014
    Not good; sweet to the extreme. Throwing out the broth and onions; husband and I cannot eat this. Caramelized onions have their own natural sweetness - I should have listened to my first instincts when I read this recipe and left out the teaspoon of sugar and the sherry. Also, will double the cheese on top. I am using dedicated French Onion bowls which look quite a bit larger than the ones shown in the picture - maybe that is why there was only a thin spattering of cheese on top.
  • 5JL
    31 AUG, 2014
    I make this with a few modifications: - more butter (about 1.5 sticks) -instead of sherry use a zin or cab - stock can be vegetable or turkey/ chicken - add reduced balsamic vinegar instead of sugar (about .25 cup) -1/2 tsp minced garlic Love. Definitely think gruyere cheese is the way to go. It's a distinct difference.
  • luvinit
    20 SEP, 2013
    This soup is near perfect. I cut down a little on the sherry (used xtra dry), and instead of thyme, added a cheesecloth satchel of herbs de provence for seasoning and a bay leaf (if I had fresh thyme I'd have used that). A nice rustic baguette with a firm crust works best. Gruyere melts great but if you're on a budget a good quality swiss will work almost as well. Delish!
  • Mrs gosse2
    16 JAN, 2013
    Made it. It was really good. I used a mixture of mozz, white cheddar and swiss as my family is not big on swiss. I used a bagguette for the bread. My onions were pretty sweet so I would have like it to be a little more savory.

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