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Made with cocoa and espresso powders, cocoa nibs, and a touch of cinnamon, these sliced cookies were inspired by the traditional pairing of coffee and chocolate.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2005



Cook's Notes

Store in airtight containers at room temperature up to 2 days.

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  • vgondrezick1
    14 MAY, 2017
    Peggiec thankfully Martha gives us great recipes that you don't find everywhere else. Yes some ingredients are specific to this recipe, but I have made this with & without the cocoa nibs. When I haven't had them, I ground nuts & it worked out great. I don't feel it is beholden on her to give subs[filtered]utes for everything.
  • vgondrezick1
    4 NOV, 2014
    When I have a chocolate craving this is one of my favorite fixes! For those having trouble finding the cocoa nibs...Sur La Table carries them. I use Valrhona cocoa powder, substituted a capsule of nespresso for the espresso powder & used ground pecans this time. I only subbed because didn't realize I had run out, but have made these the "proper way" countless times over the years.
  • Jim in Rochester
    11 OCT, 2012
    LakeladyPatti is the one who has circumference and diameter mixed up. The inside DIAMETER (the distance straight across, not around) of a paper towel tube is 1.6 inches. A roll of cookie dough 2 inches in DIAMETER (what the recipe says) will NOT fit inside. But this recipe makes nasty tasting, bitter cookies with no chocolate, coffee or any other flavor - just bitterness. The dough is EXTREMELY stiff and sticky, impossible to scrape off anything it touches; and cocoa nibs are just weird.
  • LakeladyP
    8 JUL, 2012
    Maybe kooc2vul is confusing circumferance with diameter? A 2 inc log will definately fit in papertowel tube.
  • ppeditgal
    22 JAN, 2012
    I have a few issues with this recipe. The first thing is that if you roll a log 2 inches in diameter, you will not get 4 dozen 1/4 inch sliced cookies. Also a 2 inch diameter log will not fit in a paper towel tube. If you make the log 1 inch in diameter, not only will it fit in a paper towel tube but you probably will get the 4 dozen cookies out of the recipe as indicated. At 2 inches in diameter, I only got a 26 cookie yield.
  • MS10466880
    31 DEC, 2011
    I hope this link takes. I found cocoa nibs at an online source called Theo Chocolate. Cross your fingers, here's the link: If you can't click the link go to worldwideweb(dot)theochocolate(dot)com and click on the "Shop Theo" tab
  • samanthalenore
    23 JAN, 2011
    We couldn't find cocoa nibs, even at a Whole Foods in NYC! So instead we used chopped unsweetened dark chocolate. We made several batches of these, and if you can't find the cocoa nibs, make to roughly chop the chocolate, and not necessarily a full 1/2 cup of it, either. It can turn from "sophisticated" to "bitter" quickly. Our best batch was with about 1/4 cup unsweetened chocolate, and 1/4 cup mini semisweet morsels. Very delicious when done like this! A great, rich, grown-up cookie.
  • AmyBakes
    7 DEC, 2010
    Can these cookies be frozen after baking? I want to include them in my Christmas baskets, any helpful hints would be appreciated.
  • saraeb4051
    14 JAN, 2009
    These are amazing cookies. You can buy cocoa nibs at Whole Foods. If you make them without the cocoa nibs they will be totally different and not the same cookies. If you like them with chocolate chips, try again with cocoa nibs. It's worth finding them like I did.
  • KimKubicek
    22 DEC, 2008
    These cookies were very rich and delicious. I couldn't find instant espresso, so I used instant coffee, instead. Also, instead of cocoa nibs, I used chocolate morsals and ground them in a nut grinder. Both worked well!

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