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Raspberry-Swirl Cheesecake

Recipe photo courtesy of Sang An

Marbling cheesecake is an easy way to elicit oohs and aahs. This one has a raspberry puree swirled in.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2004
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Cook's Notes

This cheesecake, once set, can be wrapped in plastic and refrigerated for up to 3 days. Let stand at room temperature for 20 minutes before serving.

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  • alisondezsofi
    23 DEC, 2017
    This is a fantastic recipe - my family loves it and insists on it for every holiday or special occasion. I'm surprised to see the poor reviews from others. The raspberry sauce prepped this way lends a light freshness that offsets the richness of the cream cheese. Simple and delicious!
  • CakenGifts12
    11 JUL, 2017
    Very awesome cheese cake recipe. This recipe is Very good, easy and fast!! I tried it for my guest. They loved it very much. Cake was very awesome and very delicious.Thanks for sharing good cake recipe.
  • rschmorr
    11 NOV, 2013
    this turned out to be one of the best cheesecakes i've ever tasted and was a huge hit with everyone. it's slightly denser than cheesecakes made with sour cream, but still incredibly light and fluffy. personally, i prefer the non-sour cream recipes. the only alterations i made were to add a dash of almond extract to the cheesecake batter along with the vanilla, and i mixed in about a tablespoon or more of cointreau to the rasberry sauce to give it a kick.
  • bbogda
    6 OCT, 2013
    This was excellent! Didn't need to grease the springform pan - turned out perfectly. I did go around edge with thin knife after it cooled and before putting in fridge. Only addition I did was to use chocolate drizzle when serving as another person suggested. That was a great suggestion, but without it is still perfect.
  • bbogda
    5 OCT, 2013
    I have this in the oven now. Kind of worried because the recipe didn't say to spray or butter pan - so I didn't. Followed all steps exactly. Can't wait for it to get done. Will update with results!
  • Lea Del
    12 SEP, 2012
    This recipe was decadent . Followed the recipe as written ,except in the raspberry purée I put one table spoon Gran Marnier liqueur . Then after cheese cake was total chilled in fridge, drizzling of chocolate lightly across top. We all know raspberry &chocolate = love .Thats what my family and lady's at work thought . Five star . Thank you Martha
  • Vanilla_Bean
    30 JUN, 2012
    Really good recipe! Take note: this is excellent for people who require gluten free foods! Also, I pureed the raspberries, but didn't bother to strain. The seeds and pulp were delicious.
  • ConnieHS
    20 JUL, 2010
    My husband and my sister don't like cheesecake - but they LOVE this! I am not a cook but this is really easy to make. I served it a a Christmas party and had to show my friends the recipe because they didn't believe I made it!! LOVE IT!!!
  • Leigh421
    25 JAN, 2010
    I don't have a roasting pan so I baked it in the oven. It was gooey in the middle. I won't make it again unless I get a roasting pan and MAYBE then it will 'set' right.
  • barista
    14 SEP, 2009
    I made this for my first Valentine's Day with my current boyfriend. It was still gooey in the middle and I was so bummed that I'd messed it up. Well, it's his favorite. Every time I ask what I should make for dessert it's always this. Only he wants it gooey in the middle and I can't, for the life of me, seem to mess it up the way he likes it. =) Oh well. It's a hit with everyone.

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