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Green-Bean Casserole with Fried Shallots

Recipe photo courtesy of Joseph Scafuro

For this gourmet take on a potluck classic, the casserole is assembled and the shallots are cooked ahead of time. Just before serving, pop the dish under the broiler for about 10 minutes.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2000



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  • emlygrdn4503166
    21 NOV, 2018
    Yo I straight up made an account because I think it's crazy that this recipe only has 3 stars. First off, this is the best F-ing green bean casserole I've ever tasted. My aunt made it for Thanksgiving once when I was like 13 or 14 and I've made it for the past 11 years for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. My sister messaged me asking if I was going to be making it this year. I said, "OF COURSE," She responded by saying it wouldn't be a holiday without it. What I tend to do to appease mushroom haters is dice the mushrooms, peppers, and onions a lot smaller than recommended. That's literally the only thing that could possibly make this recipe even BETTER. This is a 5-star recipe. This is a crowd-pleaser. If you didn't like it, I think we can all assume you made it wrong. :^)
    • rabdelrazek1
      28 NOV, 2018
      Agreed! Everyone loves this dish. Winner every years
  • peterjlook5930605
    21 NOV, 2018
    Unfortunately, while the idea of an updated/gourmet version of this 1950s classic (never liked it) sounded that it might be promising, the final outcome just wasn't worth the effort. What a disappointment! I would advise that if you must have the green-been casserole- stick with the original: It's got to be much easier, just about as tasty, and frees up your kitchen time for much more deserving recipes!
  • jennwolf10gmai
    13 NOV, 2017
    I I I
  • MS10988074
    23 NOV, 2016
    This is delicious. I find it interesting how so many of the recipes on this site only get to 3 1/2 stars at the most. I think there is a bias as everything I've tried, and there have been many, are easily 4 and 5 star dishes.
  • catcar
    24 DEC, 2014
    I found this in a Martha Stewart Magazine years ago. I made it because it looked delicious, but also because the one time I made the old-fashioned green bean casserole, I hated it. Sorry. Martha opened up a whole world for us long ago and I can't go back. This is not something I make often because it is time-consuming, but if I can count on a guest, I would ask them to bring it to a dinner I was hosting. It is OUTSTANDING in every way but calories. Make anytime you want to impress!
  • goodcook 1
    28 JAN, 2014
    Other thing I did is I "Reinvented the preparation of the MILK- BUTTER- FLOUR SAUCE. I measure 2 cups milk and then measure 3,5 Tbsp. of flour in a separate small bowl. To that bowl I add Gradually about 3/4 - 1 cup milk and whisk, so the mixture becomes pasta-like solution. In a medium pot ON a Very Low heat bring the rest of the milk to Just a boil,add all the milk with flour and constantly stirring bring it to Just a boil:when 1-2 bubbles appear, it's done. When it's warm, add butter,spices.
  • goodcook 1
    20 DEC, 2013
    Green Bean Casserole:it tasted very good ! WARNING to everyone who BROILS in this recipe: ALWAYS keep your Oven Pre-opened while Broiling ! This is a SAFETY GUARD, not mentioned in the recipe. I read this in my manual. I didn't use bell peppers or shallots:didn't feel the need in those. It was great anyway ! Next time I'll simplify the making of a milk -flour sauce: will fry flour, add warm-hot milk and butter. In Recipe flour and butter forms a BALL, hard and long to dissolve in milk.
  • LoveStoned86
    2 DEC, 2012
    Love this casserole! Made it this past Thanksgiving and it was delicious! I skipped the fried shallots and it was still a hit! A bit time consuming but totally worth it!
  • sthek
    23 NOV, 2012
    I made this for the first time and thought this is a great recipe. Way more delicious than the canned soup version. Definitely more time consuming to make primarily b/c there are a lot of pots/pans. One tip I would add is like other reviewers bake it for 15-20 min then broil for 5 min. Also, you can omit the fried shallots on top b/c its good w/out it. Will save you time and money. Also, we had 35 ppl and I doubled the recipe but 1 whole dish was untouched. 1 dish would have been enough.
  • Rae825
    11 NOV, 2012
    My family LOVES this dish. I've made this recipe for several years now for both Thanksgiving and Christmas with minor changes. To suit my family I do leave out the mushrooms and I yellow and orange peppers instead of the red for the Thanksgiving meal. Matches the colors of the day a little more. I think the leftovers taste better (as most do!), so I cook this the night before and reheat on the holiday.

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