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Toasted coconut balances the tart sweetness of pineapple and provides a crunchy topping for this buttery cake. Not too delicate, it's a treat just right for toting.

Source: Everyday Food, June 2008
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To store, keep at room temperature, wrapped in plastic, up to 2 days.

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  • clmaxeygmailc
    11 JUN, 2019
    I used 1\3 cup mashed banana and 2/3 cup sour cream to reduce calories. Added 1tsp vanilla 1/2tsp coconut extract. Very good, very easy and it uses the whole can of pineapple, except the juice. Next time I will leave the coconut off the top and add a pineapple juice glaze after it has cooled.
  • maurellecopela
    14 AUG, 2018
    Make sure to drain your pineapple VERY well. I also added some vanilla (a generous teaspoon) and a few drops of pure coconut extract to this recipe. It came out moist and delicious. DO NOT skip the covering half way through step or your cake top/coconut will burn. Next time I bake this I will add some rum. I was extremely pleased and it is YUMMY!!!!
  • endlessabandon
    30 JUN, 2018
    I’ve been baking for years and had high hopes for this as a new tea-time loaf. I followed the recipe exactly but when I tasted the batter it was very bland. I added half a teaspoon on almond extract (to bring out the coconut) but it still came out bland and eggy. It is moist in the middle, but the outside overcooks before the inside is finished, even with the foil. I was so disappointed. It was still edible but not worth the trouble with hardly any flavour except eggy overtones.
    • endlessabandon
      2 JUL, 2018
      I’ve tried to find a way to edit this review, because when it first came out of the oven it was certainly bland, but this is one of those cakes that gets better with age. After a day or two all the flavours meld together and are much more pronounced. It also somehow gets more moist. Odd but actually very good over time
  • MS10110850
    29 SEP, 2017
    I'm a seasoned baker who wanted to try something a bit different. Followed the recipe precisely and viewed all other bakers' comments. Baked up fine, but I am disappointed in the lack of flavor. Surprisingly bland
    • endlessabandon
      30 JUN, 2018
      I had the exact same experience!
    • kristizemansb
      26 MAY, 2018
      I sautéed my pineapple to make them sweeter and gave them a browner coating by sprinkling sugar while they were sautéing. I also put in Macadamia nuts. You might considering putting a little bit of coconut milk to give it a more coconut flavor. Replace 1/4 cup of the sour cream with the coconut milk. Hope that helps. I am often changing up recipes I get to make them my own.
  • MS112615734
    10 JAN, 2016
    I made two cakes for after church informal meet and greet. Adults and children all loved the cake, and its reputation quickly spread so some said, "Is this the famous cake?" Used fresh pineapple, one whole one, just short of the recipe...about 16 oz each. Coconut worked great. Cooked one at 195 internal temp, the second at just over 200 deg F, which firmed it up a little better, at about 70 minutes in 345 deg oven. Bought bigger Wilton pan (8 cup) this time. Success and delicious!
    • kristizemansb
      26 MAY, 2018
      Thanks for the idea about the internal temperature. I will check that. I am baking mine as I type this.
  • ALR11607990DW
    9 NOV, 2017
    I love it, I hope I didn't uncooked the cake because it is super moist. This recipe it is a keeper.
  • Beebsley
    22 FEB, 2014
    This recipe is just wrong. I made it, and the batter is delicious, and the cake was even kind of delicious, but it never cooked all the way through, even after it was just shy of burnt on the outside. Too bad. This is the second MS recipe I've used in the last 6 months or so that had some kind of error in it. I'm surprised. Her recipes used to always be perfect.
    • fabiankarenl
      26 JUL, 2017
      Gooey on the inside was a constant problem for me with different quick bread recipes, I assumed it was my oven. Now I use mini bread pans, place them on a air-bake cookie sheet and the toothpick comes out clean every time. Hope this will work for you. I doubled the recipe and it yielded 7 minis.
  • Usernamelubgma
    16 APR, 2017
    I am not good at cooking, but when I baked this one, it was loved by every one. I feel happy.
  • Imane B
    11 JUN, 2015
    Veeeeery delicious!!! Thank you
  • lindsaypage
    28 APR, 2014
    I love this recipe! I wanted to try to make it as muffins - do you think that would work?

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