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Baked Flounder with Roasted Tomatoes

Here, Dijon mustard serves a dual purpose: It flavors the delicate fish, and helps the breadcrumb coating stay in place as the fish cooks. Tilapia can be used in place of the flounder.

Source: Everyday Food, December 2006
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Cook's Notes

If you don’t have dried tarragon on hand in the pantry, you can substitute dried oregano or dried basil.

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  • demandy1
    2 MAY, 2014
    This came together really quickly and my four year old even ate some of the fish. We loved the fish and the tomatoes, and the foil-lined pan made for easy clean-up. Delish.
  • suecarel
    1 NOV, 2013
    Delicious recipe, enjoyed by all the family including 11 year old. Very simple and quick, I only had cod available so I cut in half to make it as thin as a flounder and served with basil pasta.
  • Bunny Washington
    8 JUL, 2013
    This recipe worked beautifully! The sauce was excellent with the fish and tomatoes. It was a delicious meal. I will definitely enjoy again.
  • MS12157780
    7 FEB, 2011
    I am amazed at the women that say their kids don't eat it....... what ever IT is... what ever happened to .......... "I am your mother, I work, I cook it, you eat it or go hungry and if I catch you eathing anything else...... !" Well, my parents never threathend me, but geez ...... give me a rest!
  • ChefTBaks
    27 SEP, 2010
    The tomatoes were great. Didn't care for the fish (but I tried to skip a step by using sb breadcrumbs). Didn't serve me well.
  • AgapiB
    16 JUN, 2010
    Delicious! Made it was orange roughy as my market didn't have flounder. Used only enough dijon to put a thin coat on each fillet to give the breadcrumbs something to stick to and to add a layer of flavor, and it turned out great. Added significantly more lemon to the sauce (3 TBS instead of 1) and it was so yummy. The tomatoes were delicious as well. The meal was a hit (especially for a 30 minute weekday dish) and everyone cleared their plates, including my 4 year old.
  • fitmtgirl
    25 FEB, 2009
    No thanks. The dijon was too powerful. I may make it again but without the dijon. My family wouldn't eat it (myself and three kids). I did use olive oil spray rather than brushing teh oil on the tomatoes, which worked nicely. I also added a yellow squash to the roasting pan which was delicious.
  • IrisVanGo
    25 FEB, 2009
    I concur! I'm also a Type I (Insulin Dependent) Diabetic, and require Carbohydrate Information to match my insulin with Carbohydrate Content. Fat, protein and salt content are also important to manage daily. We can always Google the information, but it's so much nicer if you just provide it! Thanks
  • srodrigu10
    24 FEB, 2009
    You can always use to help count calories
  • Evita29
    24 FEB, 2009
    I agree with the previous comment. I am also diabetic with hypertension so I need to avoid sodium as well. Having nutrition information would be a big help and would influence my using your recipes.

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