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Don't let the name fool you -- this classic dessert is in fact a cake layered with custard and topped with chocolate glaze. We replaced the custard with our Vanilla Pudding.

Source: Everyday Food, April 2006
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  • h d hollen
    9 AUG, 2014
    I had my suspicions, and I should have gone with my intuition. It didn't seem like enough ingredients to make a two-layered cake. It wasn't good at all. It was dry. The picture is of two cakes, because this cake was far too thin to divide in half. I didn't even bother with the pudding or icing--I threw it away. It was too much hassle for a simple cake like this, and I wasn't about to make another. I'm sure there are better recipes out there for this.
    • aishahchow10
      13 JUN, 2018
      Definitely, I had to double the recipe just to get two layers. The amount is not enough for a double layered cake. However I found the pudding/filling very delicious and would definitely make it again
  • anglomania01
    18 MAR, 2017
    Hi there, any chance of this recipe having grams or ounces instead of cups, for us poor mortals in Europe who would love to make this cake??
    • aishahchow10
      13 JUN, 2018
      Filing was great however the cake didn't rise as well as I was hoping and was quite thin. I beat the eggs well and they didn't deflate however the cake was flat 😥
  • MS112617140
    1 JUL, 2017
    I made it exactly as directed. Lots of divergence on the reviews here. I've done many years of restaurant, catering and home baking. Here are my thoughts: 1) Cake recipe is enough for the recipe. You don't need two cakes as others have said. 2) Cake bakes in 22 to 25 minutes, not the 35 to 40(!) as in recipe. This is especially true if you using dark-sided pan. Check with toothpick after 22 minutes and you should be good. 3) Filling/pudding recipe is not bland at all. Its a simple and very tasty pastry cream type filling and easy to make. It's perfectly suited to this pie (really a cake). You have to bring to a boil before lowering heat to low. 4) Glaze was enough for cake. Don't let it cool all the way or it will thicken. 5) Try to let it sit for a few hours at room temp before service. This allows the cream filling to soak a little into cake. This is a good, simple, tasty recipe and I strongly suggest you use my suggestions.
  • Dawhna
    10 APR, 2016
    I loved this recipe. I had made another of MS's Boston Cream Pie yesterday which was a complete flop. It contained cake flour, 2 eggs, plus two egg yolks and very little butter. It was dense and undercooked and had to be thrown away. I found this video and recipe last night and was determined to have success since I had the pudding left from yesterday's flop. This cake was easy and turned out fantastically! I will make it again. The other recipe should be deleted from your website
  • SBurf
    4 JUN, 2013
    I think the dryness has to do with the flour-measuring technique. The spoon-and-level technique usually yields 4 - 4.25 ounces/cup. The dip-and-shake technique yields up to 6 ounces/cup.
  • VonSammy
    2 DEC, 2012
    it came out ... AMAZING so good that im supposto make the same one for Christmas, Easter, and my dads birthday !!!!! plus super easy even my 12 year old niece understood (she did it with me) : ) STRONGLY RECOMENDED FOR ANY OCCASSION
  • k99km01
    2 SEP, 2012
    The cake in the picture probably is two cakes, not one cut in half. It's much prettier that way. But with a single 9" pan cut in half, the layers are significantly thinner.
  • PittmanTrio
    6 AUG, 2011
    This is a pretty tasty recipe. The cake comes out dense and golden brown, lovely. Mine was slightly crumbly upon slicing in half which was nice because it was just dry enough to absorb some moisture from the vanilla pudding but not so dry that you would think "ahh, dry cake!". The chocolate topping was extremely rich. Also I found that it was WAY better on DAY 2 after spending the night in the fridge.
  • cakeslover
    15 FEB, 2011
    i tried this cake but it was very dry and its surface cracked! can anyone tell me y it happened
  • CupcakeSnob
    31 MAR, 2010
    I made this for my dad's birthday this year since he loves Boston cream pie. The cake was dry, the pudding had no flavor, and the ganach did'nt turn out. I would not reccomend making this recipe. Try another one.

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