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We've used low-fat milk, egg whites, and skinless chicken to make traditional Southern comfort food healthier, yet still finger-licking good.

Source: Everyday Food, April 2008
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Cook's Notes

While the biscuits bake, the creamy chicken stew comes together in only 15 minutes. If the stew is too thick, thin it out with a little water.

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  • LER49
    28 APR, 2013
    Why aren't the calories listed anywhere!
  • Alyeni
    26 MAR, 2013
    I like this recipe a lot, but I made a few changes. I cooked the chicken separately in a nonstick pan with some salt/pepper, paprika, and garlic powder. I cooked the chicken until it was still a bit pink on the inside. I added the thyme to the veggies right when they went in the pan along with red pepper flakes for extra heat and paprika. Where the recipe calls for the raw chicken to be added, I transferred the almost fully cooked chicken with all it's juices into the veggie pan. Delicious!
  • Kitchenjeanie
    6 MAR, 2013
    I can't imagine using raw chicken...ugh! The proportions for the sauce were way too thick. Very band, too. My husband loved it with the changes I made. -- regular chopped onion, more milk, but if I make it again I would use chicken broth instead of milk. I also used the whole egg in the biscuits, and melted butter ( a little less) instead of oil. I liked the whole wheat flour. Live, cook, eat, learn, and always better than store bought!!!!!
  • ElizParkCoop
    30 JAN, 2013
    This recipe is AMAZING! I actually tripled the biscuits because my sons like them and using the 1/4 cup it makes 9 biscuits. It was fresh tasting, very easy and very satisfying. Plus it's a yummy way to incorporate veggies into a meal. I look forward to making this again!
  • travspence
    10 SEP, 2012
    Very good and very easy and came together quickly. I added a cup of thawed frozen peas because I like peas. The result was very good. Tasted like the inside of a good pot pie. Next time I will try the suggestion of using chicken broth instead of water. I tasted as I went, adding salt and pepper, so I didn't think it was bland as others have stated.
  • dorkydancer
    19 MAR, 2012
    I also replaced the water with chicken stock and used rotisserie chicken because I had one. This was very delicious. My two non veg eaters gobbled it up. I will make it again.
  • SouthCityStudio
    14 JAN, 2011
    I had good luck with this recipe. I used chicken stock instead of water and upped the salt/pepper. I will make it again.
  • SouthCityStudio
    14 JAN, 2011
    I had good luck with this recipe. I used chicken stock instead of water and upped the salt/pepper. I will make it again.
  • MS12157780
    4 NOV, 2010
    I do NOT bake, NEVER EVER, well maybe once every 5 or so years I give it a try and even no experience me could tell there were mistakes in the recipe at the beginning. so the comment about all of the mistakes by the person that has 60 years experience. uh oh............. you must really need this stie or you would not be complaining about it. Fact, not fiction! One INCH pieces of raw chicken cook quickly as stated. NEXT? Oh WAIT, you are referring to frozen chicken???
  • peterswife
    26 SEP, 2010
    Raw chicken typically takes more than 3-5 minutes to cook through. I cooked the chicken in a separate skillet while the veggies were cooking. I used 1/2 C of chopped frozen vidalia onion instead of pearl onions. My husband thinks it is a little bit bland, but this is one of my favorite dinner recipes... and healthy, too!

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