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Recipe photo courtesy of Formula Z/S

For this classic Tuscan dessert, we cover the dome -- sponge cake filled with whipped cream, fresh raspberries, toasted hazelnuts, and bits of toffee -- with chocolate ganache, and then creme anglaise.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2001


For the Syrup:

For the Filling:

For the Filling & Topping:

For the Topping:


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  • rice-krispieho
    7 OCT, 2016
    I 1st made this as published in the 2002 Holiday baking magazine. While the taste was fantastic, the cake was so tricky to assemble and completely fell into disrepair with the first slice. Not the impression I wanted to make. Fast forward 14 years and I stumbled on the 'Betty Crocker Bake'n Fill Cake Pan'. Bought one on ebay for $6. EXACTLY what this recipe requires. For those of you with one stashed in a cupboard somewhere, I highly recommend it. Mine looks better than the picture. Perfection!
  • poohbear72579
    7 JAN, 2013
    We made this for our 2012 Christmas Cake -- it was fantastic! I highly recommend it! The presentation makes the recipe look difficult, but the instructions are spot-on. As long as you use all the correct pan sizes, this should turn out as promised. We made this exactly according to the recipe, but may make some seasonal variations now that we know what a fun dessert this is.
  • arriba2
    21 MAY, 2011
    This has become my go to recipe when I need a showstopper dessert. I add more toffee candy and raspberries than called for in the recipe. This is a multi step recipe so allow plenty of time for it. The combination of textures and flavors are amazing and it never fails to get rave reviews. Definitely worth the effort.
  • Elisa Salas
    19 DEC, 2010
    How big does the sponge cake need to be? Is 9" ok?
  • Interest
    15 DEC, 2010
    Does anyone know if the gaunache can be poured on a couple of hours early and then placed in the refrigerator until serving time?
  • lauralee422
    1 JAN, 2010
    I had a tough time with the sponge cake- the recipe link on here is for a 9" so I doubled it and made that plus a 13x9. I still needed more sponge cake to line the bowl so it had holes and lines in it. It didn't look pretty but tasted great. Also the ganache never set for me so next time i'll use less cream and a little more chocolate.
  • irislblock
    23 DEC, 2008 Here is an easier link to connnect to.
  • irislblock
    23 DEC, 2008
    Below is link to printable version. I am going to try for Xmas too. Good luck!
  • AdrienneCourey
    1 DEC, 2008
    Can someone send me the Vanilla Sponge Cake recipe? There is no link above. I tried to find it under the Recipe Finder, but the link there does not work. I would really like to make this for Christmas.
  • magyargirl
    21 JUL, 2008
    I had make these cake several times, and my daughter just asked me to make it again for her birthday. Yes it is little time consuming but I make the pastry one day and next day I make the filling and finish the cake. It is excellent,

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