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Orange juice, hoisin sauce, and cider vinegar give this pasta its sweet-and-sour flavor. The vegetables are quickly cooked so they stay crisp.

Source: Everyday Food, October 2004
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Cook's Notes

You can use almost any type of noodle in this dish, including traditional Asian noodles such as udon, available in specialty shops and many supermarkets.

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  • vbesmay139179
    2 JUN, 2018
    People who don't follow directions and who substitute ingredients should really keep their uninformed opinions to themselves; their rantings are just silly. I remembered this recipe from many years ago and couldn't remember anything except the basics: brocolli, noodles, pork. I was so delighted to find it here. I made it for dinner last night using all the exact ingredients and it is a delicious supper dish.
    • ishaolinma4928149
      22 JUL, 2018
      People who have been cooking a long time do have *informed* opinions. There are some who may not have the precise ingredients on hand and why does anyone have to suppress their creativity to suit you. Almost everyone with experience in cooking will alter a recipe to their taste and that of their family. If you are offended, it seems like a personal need to defend Martha Stewart. I am sure she can fend for herself.
  • kristenmarie14
    5 DEC, 2011
    I used MartaAurora's suggestions below and the sauce was delicious! I used brown sugar and a splash of hot sauce. The meal came out great! I will definitely make this again
  • MartaAurora
    8 SEP, 2011
    After reading the reviews I reduced 1 tbsp of vinegar and added 1 tbsp of sugar. It was a really good change and was delicious.
  • cellospice
    1 NOV, 2010
    Way too much acidity in this sauce- added a little peanut butter to try and balance it out, but overall I ruined some beautiful organic broccoli and other veggies with this recipe!
  • OneFunkyDiva
    31 OCT, 2010
    Bad. Really, really bad. Overwhelming taste of both vinegar and orange juice. Not a good combination. Just one big ICK from here.
  • yoonj320
    25 OCT, 2010
    Nothing about this was Asian. The orange juice taste was overwhelming. Huge disappointment.
  • diannam
    22 OCT, 2010
    There was a time when any Martha recipe was a winner. Those days seem to be over! This is one of several of her recipes I've made lately, and found to be a total disappointment. It was a great run, Martha!
  • carnegieplay
    20 OCT, 2010
    use balsamic vinegar instead add 2 tablespoons and taste to your liking
  • carnegieplay
    20 OCT, 2010
    use balsamic vinegar instead add 2 tablespoons and taste to your liking
  • MS10252205
    31 AUG, 2010
    Not so good. Rather 1 layered in flavor.Vinegar takes over and you can't tell there is any hoisin in it. I would not make it again.

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