Classic Taco Salad

Prep Time:
20 mins
Total Time:
20 mins

Whether you're packing work lunches or serving up dinner for four, this crunchy and satisfying Southwestern salad will not disappoint.


  • 12 cups chopped romaine lettuce (about 1 head)

  • 1 diced ripe avocado

  • 2 halved and thinly sliced plum tomatoes

  • 2 cups broken tortilla chips

  • ¼ cup prepared salsa

  • 3 cups thawed Taco Filling

  • Sour cream (optional)

  • Shredded Monterey Jack cheese (optional)


  1. In a large bowl, combine chopped romaine lettuce, avocado, plum tomatoes, tortilla chips, and salsa.

  2. Meanwhile, heat taco filling in a saucepan over low heat (or in the microwave). Divide lettuce mixture among four plates; serve with filling. Garnish with sour cream, shredded Monterey Jack cheese, and more salsa, if desired.

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