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Broccoli is at its peak from October through April -- that's the best time to puree it in a soup like this one.

Source: Everyday Food, March 2004
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  • halfnelson79079
    16 NOV, 2018
    THANK YOU!! I would have never thought of putting rolled oats in my soup. And, another THANK YOU for using the stalks! I have always used left over mashed potatoes to thicken but, as I use soy products the flavor is altered. Your recipe is now on next weeks menu and shopping list! On more time, THANK YOU!!!raf
  • felidea94
    12 FEB, 2015
    love this recipe, i added a grated garlic clove and instead of chicken broth i used meat broth because i didn't have any . I think this recipe can perfectly serve 5 persons. Perfect winter soup
  • Rose Harris
    10 NOV, 2012
    I first made this soup a couple of years ago. Both my boys love it! I use it as a sauce for pasta as well. Perhaps the other people used too many oats. Big thumbs up from my 3year old and my 7 year old!
  • cheekitty
    14 JAN, 2012
    This recipe was awful. I added two blocks of cheddar cheese and still all it tasted like was oats!
  • cheekitty
    14 JAN, 2012
    This recipe was awful. I added two blocks of cheddar cheese and still all it tasted like was oats!
  • Moxie3314
    13 DEC, 2011
    I went to make this last night and was unable to find the nutmeg so to give it some flavor I added minced garlic, paprika, chili powder, and red pepper flakes. Turned out delicious! My boyfriend, who doesn't care for broccoli, enjoyed it because it had a bit of a kick to it. I also added shredded carrots that I had for the salad with had with the meal. Thought it added a nice color to the soup.
  • Walli
    3 JUL, 2011
    I cooked it the other day, and even my fussy brother liked it
  • Anarie
    19 JAN, 2011
    Wow, I'm really surprised at how well this turned out! Frankly, I didn't expect to like it. But the oatmeal really does work as a thickener and gives the soup a nice color. It's very mild, so there needs to be some spice or strong flavors in the rest of the meal. Overall, though, it's quick, nutritious, and pleasant.
  • LindaEM
    12 JAN, 2011
    I made this soup last night and it was delicious. I did sprinkle a little bit of shredded cheese on top before I ate it.
  • Smoothis
    19 MAY, 2010
    The soup was great. I think I would add a bit less liquid next time to make it a bit thicker. Also, diets don't work. Only a change in lifestyle will help you to lose weight and keep it off - and restricting broccoli and onions (the only two things on this ingredient list that likely won't come with nutrition labels) is not a recipe for a healthy lifestyle.

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