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Oranges and balsamic vinegar come together in this sticky sauce that beautifully balances sour and sweet and pairs well with chicken.

Source: Everyday Food, November 2010
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  • paulryb
    19 SEP, 2018
    I used boneless skinless tighs, which worked fine. Adjust cooking time and temp. Two tablespoons of vinegar and some orange juice will never make enough sauce, or glaze as they call it. I used white vermouth plus some midera wine. Still needed more sauce, but much better than two tablespoons! After adding the butter, I also added some gorgonzola cheese to the sauce which takes this over the top. Maybe could be topped with chopped walnuts when served. Could probably also be made with lemons, but much more thinly sliced. Use stock if you don't want the wine. Or just use water.
  • MS11211722
    28 JUN, 2016
    Perfect for dinner, as I was defrosting thighs! Served it with broccoli and roasted sweet potato. Made this in my cast iron pan; easy and delicious, BUT, what a mess on my stove top!!! Not sure it needed that initial tablespoon of oil. However, the sauce was so yummy I'll make it again -- but next time I will roast the chicken entirely in the oven and make the final sauce on the stove. Has anyone else tried that?
  • MS12394335
    24 JUN, 2016
    I don't recommend using olive oil for high heat cooking. It should never be heated as its molecular structure breaks down and it will create free radicals. I use coconut oil as it has a high-smoke point and retains its taste and structure. Also add a pat of butter and/or some bacon fat which I keep in my freezer for sauteeing green beans, making a roux for gumbo, etc. Kept the juice/fat from sauteeing the thighs as it imparts delicious flavor and nutrients. Put this over rice and it was yummy!
  • MS12041220
    7 MAY, 2014
    Made this recipe and the family loved it. Would have loved more sauce. I used thighs and they were juicy and tender. Will make this again.
  • Amber Mcelroy-Arseneaux
    27 DEC, 2012
    I made this tonight and did not quite read the recipe through. I was in a hurry and ended up using leg and thigh quarters. While it did end up needing extra time in the oven, it did come out well. It was a HUGE hit for my family.
  • SKS
    18 NOV, 2012
    I've made this a couple of times -- first with clementines and drumsticks, and the second according to the recipe -- and both turned out really well. My husband really enjoyed this recipe!
  • SKS
    18 NOV, 2012
    I've made this a couple of times -- first with clementines and drumsticks, and the second according to the recipe -- and both turned out really well. My husband really enjoyed this recipe!
  • scbluebird1
    14 APR, 2012
    This was delicious, although I cooked my chicken longer in the oven since I think my pieces may have been larger than the ones Sarah used. The skin was super crispy, and the chicken thighs were very juicy . A quick nd easy recipe.
  • kady_elle
    24 OCT, 2011
    Very tasty, but balance it out with some healthier sides, like brown rice and veggies. Mine always needs longer to cook, in each stage. I use my cast iron skillet, which works like a charm. My kids love the flavor, but it takes some doing to get them past the skin & the bones!
  • MS112628275
    2 SEP, 2011
    this has become a staple. we serve this over rice like a rice bowl. Yum! also, we toss in some chunks of orange for a nice refreshing bite.

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