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Chicken Enchiladas with Pumpkin Sauce

For something a little different, fill enchiladas with chicken and scallions, and cover them with a spicy pumpkin sauce and cheddar cheese.

Source: Everyday Food, May 2004
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Cook's Notes

This dish can be assembled up to 8 hours ahead of time; refrigerate, covered with plastic wrap, until ready to bake (add a few minutes to the cooking time).

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  • souprgirl
    6 NOV, 2014
    I have made this recipe three times and it never works for me. I am an experienced cook and have no issues with recipes in general, but somehow this one never tastes good. It's both spicy and bland at the same time. I've tried to make it work, but this recipe just isn't for me.
    • Doug McDonnell
      22 JAN, 2015
      I too tried this recipe and was disappointed. But I solved it! The sauce needs to be thinned with chicken stock and add chipotle (in adobo) and some brown sugar, as a start… Season it up!! My family likes it slightly sweet and spicy. The next big fix was the tortilla. Use corn and dip them briefly in hot oil before stuffing. Without this step they (the tortilla) just got mushy and fell apart. Family loves them - serve with sour cream and some nice ripe avocado. Don't give up on this recipe.
  • mmhanigan1
    30 SEP, 2014
    Great way to use leftover tortillas. I've also made it with leftover Thanksgiving turkey. and added sauteed onion, green pepper and spinach or swiss chard. Use chicken stock in the puree instead of water or mix both.
  • Minnesota cuisine
    21 APR, 2013
    I made this recipe for friends, and it was terrific! I'm allergic to sodium phosphate, so I substituted 2 sodium-solution-free chicken breasts. I prefer a little more zing, so next time I would double the chili powder and add the juice of a lime to the pumpkin sauce; also, I would add chopped cilantro to the chicken and onion mix. I used authentic Mexican corn tortillas (warmed 30 secs in the microwave for pliability), and they easily fit into an 8x8 pan.
  • mbeau21
    19 MAR, 2012
    This is a keeper!! I'm a college student and my roommates and I take turns cooking dinner. All together there are usually nine of us. I tripled the recipe and didn't jalapenos, and I used about a cup less water for the sauce. They were SOO good. And heavenly for pumpkin lovers like myself. Yay!!
  • orangek8
    27 DEC, 2011
    This was totally delicious. The only thing I would note was that this definitely didn't fit in an 8 inch square pan for me. I had to use a 9X13. I'll be making this again for SURE!
  • britnym
    4 OCT, 2011
    Delicious!! Enchiladas are a staple in our house, however we usually use a family recipe and they are way to hot for our 3 yr old. Thought I'd try this an alternate. They were so good, very full of flavor and our daughter love them too! I left out the jalapeno and topped them with a little sour cream. I also used 2 garlic and oregeno roasted chicken breasts and pumpkin I had roasted. If you want your tortillas not to fall apart you can lightly fry them in oil first.
  • pickettje
    26 SEP, 2010
    I have to agree with all the "love it" comments above... I used a New Zealand White Cheddar and it. was. delicious.
  • MS10194802
    5 MAR, 2010
    Absolutely delicious.
  • tthau
    9 OCT, 2009
    this looks really good, but we're not fans of spicy foods. Do you think it's possible to make it mild? Woudl I just not include the jalapeno?
  • beththompson
    16 JUN, 2009
    this was delicious! i used 2 chicken breasts instead of the roasted chicken and sauteed them with some onion, then shredded. the mixture made enough for more than 8 tortillas - so i made a second batch and froze it for later.

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