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Panko is an innovative Japanese flaky riff on breadcrumbs. It makes an excellent crusty topping for gratins like this one and macaroni and cheese.

Source: Everyday Food, May 2007
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  • adozeneggs
    20 JAN, 2008
    I made this for a dinner party, sooooo good. Lots of requests for the recipe. My husband is not a huge fan of summer squash, and he loved this dish.
    • PEG12064
      20 AUG, 2018
      I'm making this tonight but will sub sour cream for the heavy cream because I'm out and too lazy to go to the store.I'm sure this will be a suitable substitute and will also add some shredded chicken to the dish so I will only need a simple salad to complete the meal.
  • ifixwreks
    19 NOV, 2017
    Quick, different, and delicious! A family hit.
  • MS11478557
    8 NOV, 2017
    I was delicious! I usually make zucchini with eggs, but this is fantastic, and a great hit in my household!
  • cathy.becker2
    23 JUL, 2017
    It's hard to find new and different ways to serve zucchini...getting bored with the same old thing. This recipe is a keeper - my husband loved it. I made it this morning and served it at room temperature for dinner.
  • ljh771231
    29 JUN, 2017
    Love all the recipes zuchhini awesome macaroons out of this world keep them coming!
  • navyeyes_85yah
    28 NOV, 2015
    For some reason the cream never thickened. Any ideas why? I added a full onion and extra garlic and a few tomatoes. Tasted great! Just soupy cuz it never thickened...
    • doandesire4284756
      27 JUN, 2017
      Maybe to much liquid in tomatoes
  • ishaolinma4928149
    27 JUN, 2017
    Great recipe!
  • wesingalot
    5 OCT, 2013
    Pretty darn tasty. Not terribly difficult, inexpensive ingredients, prepared quickly and really good. The only downside is what I call the "clean-up factor". Out of 10 pots (that's the scale 1-10, best is 1), I rate it a 6 because there were lots of dirty pans and utensils to clean up. I have trouble eating my veggies; not because I don't like them but because I don't know how to cook them other than steam or saute like my mom did. This recipe opened a whole new realm for me!
    • ishaolinma4928149
      27 JUN, 2017
      This entire recipe can be made in one skillet. How did you end up with lots of dirty pans and utensils? Just cook the onions or shallots and garlic first add the zucchini, then the cream and proceed as the recipe states. Then use a casserole pan. That is it. I use one spatula for the w[filtered] process and maybe a garlic press but I don't use garlic much at all. Try it is this way and you may find it a lot easier. : )
  • MS10502372
    12 MAY, 2017
    Delicious! Followed another user's advice and sliced thinner than recommended- 1/8" thick.
  • alma7lou
    2 MAY, 2017
    The family loved it and I will be making it again!

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