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Team up two familiar treats -- a rich chocolate brownie and a chewy coconut macaroon -- and indulge in a decadent sweet.

Source: Everyday Food, December 2005
Total Time Prep Yield


For Chocolate Base

For Coconut Topping


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  • torinado
    11 FEB, 2015
    What's the difference between making this with shredded coconut vs grated coconut? Would grated coconut be okay to use instead?
    • MSModerator601
      11 FEB, 2015
      The recipe calls for sweetened, shredded coconut. This sticky, sweetened product does not have the same flavor or texture of grated coconut. You could test out the swap - either way, hope you enjoy the bars!
  • NerdyNerak
    19 DEC, 2014
    I made these as a special treat for my husband on our 14th anniversary yesterday, and they were a huge hit! They turned out exactly like the picture, and the flavors and textures are addictive! I definitely recommend this recipe to all coconut lovers out there! (I don't even like coconut, and I think they're tasty!)
  • klucey
    24 MAR, 2014
    Such a shame, I followed this recipe to the letter, and I've ended up with a layer of brownie, and a layer of coconut cake......tastes Ok but after reading the recipe again I believe the "macaroon" topping needs to be made with egg whites, and this is not clarified in the recipe! :( please adjust so others aren't disappointed!
  • MS12006670
    18 MAR, 2014
    To make it gluten free, what type of flour would you suggest?
  • Suzan H
    17 MAR, 2014
    Obviously the one with the brownie base cannot be used for Passover. I will try the more traditional ones instead of buying 10 cans of the pre-prepared and full of preservatives ones however.
  • marsb
    23 DEC, 2013
    If I make on Christmas Eve, how do I store for the next day? Fridge or counter in a container? Helpppp
  • Mamamare27
    27 JUL, 2013
    Absolute hit...made me love coconut in baked goods. This is my go to for potlucks, always a hit.
  • Liza_Molanphy
    9 MAY, 2013
    I did this with kids, they love it.
  • Sharonahhh
    31 MAY, 2012
    The written recipe calls for 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, but the video calls for 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Go with the 1 teaspoon vanilla extract - much better. I have also made this with a tablespoon of rum instead of vanilla, and it is nice, too!
  • purplepentacle
    8 FEB, 2011
    I have to be honest and say, I did not care for these. I love coconut and chocolate, but these just seemed plain to me, neither layer had much flavor and the texture seemed off as well. I don't usually post negative comments, if i think that it may in any way be my own fault. But, I'm pretty sure in this case it wasn't. They were OK. I can't say I would ever make them again.

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