16 Last-Minute Easter Ideas to Celebrate the Holiday


Adding a bit of spring cheer to your Easter celebration shouldn't take a month of Sundays. With bunny-shaped templates and simple egg cup upgrades, we're sharing our quick-as-a-bunny, easy, and creative ways to get into the spirit of the season.

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sugar and charm easter dessert bar
Zan Passante

When spring finally arrives, it does so in full force: Suddenly, flowers are blooming everywhere, the grass is greener, and newly-hatched birds and chicks can be seen about. Another hallmark of the season? Easter. But when you're so busy looking at all the beauty around you, it can be easy to lose sight of your holiday plans. Whether you're hosting an Easter eggs-travaganza party or gathering your family and friends for an annual feast, there are many ways you can incorporate the season's freshest flowers and brilliant colors into last-minute decorations. Our ideas are anything but rushed, even though these crafts and decorations can be done in the hours leading up to Sunday morning.

We're sharing the most innovative ways to save time and play up that Easter egg motif, using everything from real eggs to construction paper and even balloons. Some of the following egg-themed Easter crafts will certainly please any of the little ones at your Easter table, but we're certain adults will be wowed, too. If you have extra hard boiled eggs laying around the kitchen, we have quick solutions that can put them to good use, like our eggshell votives which will bathe your Easter tablescape in soft candlelight. Speaking of tablescapes: There are many ways to dress up a table full of Easter dishes. In addition to classic spring centerpieces, craft party favors and other conversation starters with common DIY staples. Your guests will love seeing pastel-colored candy bowls wrapped in your choice of yarn, and they'll definitely admire the Easter-themed family tree you'll create out of decoupaged eggs and your favorite floral branches.

Focus on celebrating your holiday by browsing our best Easter decorations that can be made anytime with ease. You'll find a fresh batch of no-frills, straight-forward Easter decorating ideas ahead.

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Wooden Eggs

wooden easter eggs
Johnny Miller

If you're really short on time, skip the egg dyeing process and go straight to faux wooden iterations. While you can dye them in seasonal shades, you could also leave them bare for a minimalist, time-saving approach—but looping them with colorful twine and punctuating them with a few timely floral sprigs (like tiny cherry blossom branches or andromeda cuttings) is an easy upgrade that takes five minutes or less.

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Candy Boxes

Gentl and Hyers

Teens that have aged out of the annual egg hunt will appreciate these candy-turned-keepsake boxes; simply purchase the egg-shaped pieces ahead of time and hot-glue festive charms (you can find them at most craft stores!) to the lids. Fill them with sophisticated bonbons for good measure.

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Easy Easter Planters

egg centerpieces
Justin Bernhaut

Transform in-bloom planters into a statement centerpiece grouping by simply nesting a few quail eggs into their verdant centers. Add one oversized foam option for an extra dose of oomph.

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Easter Family Tree

family easter egg ornaments hanging from floral branches

This Easter idea is sure to enchant all of your family members. A springtime decoration adorned with photographs of each generation, it's just the thing for a family-focused holiday.

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Balloon Easter Egg Mosaic


This Easter idea is simply a work of art. Clustered balloons in springtime hues pop against any wall for a lovely focal point.

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Pastel Rainbow Easter Egg Centerpiece

pastel rainbow Easter egg centerpiece
Kara Whitten

Elevate your table with these oversized Easter eggs in a variety of pastel hues. They look particularly festive next to gold tableware.

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Daffodil Candy Cups

Anna Williams

For a simple but beautiful table setting, make daffodils from our printable template, baking cups, and any extra candy. To use these as place cards, write names on the petals, and pair them with one of our special Easter napkin folds.

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Papier-Mâché Birds Nests

Aaron Dyer

Making these sweet paper nests for Easter is so easy—plus, they can stand in for traditional wicker baskets if you're hoping to make miniature gifts this year.

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Flights of Fancy Spring Wreath

Aaron Dyer

Not all Easter decorations need to focus on the holiday: Create this wreath, which features punchy foliage and timely creatures (butterflies!), and keep it up for the entire season.

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Wheatgrass Easter Basket

wheatgrass with foam ducklings in easter basket
Gieves Anderson

If you live in a rural setting, why not reach for real grass? Wheatgrass is known to grow wild and free in most rural areas, and it makes for a great presentation—as an added bonus, it's more eco-friendly than opting for the artificial stuff.

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Naturally-Dyed Easter Eggs

naturally dyed easter eggs in a wooden basket
Janelle Jones

Did you know that your kitchen holds many dyes that you can use to transform Easter eggs? Common food scraps like onion skins and coffee grounds can life a second life as a dye—try a few variations and then add these ingenious eggs to your tablescape.

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Sticker Easter Eggs

Anna Williams

Give plastic Easter eggs a bright makeover by embellishing them with stickers made from adhesive sheets and craft punches. You can keep it as simple as polka dots or try for something more nuanced, like daisies.

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Crepe-Paper Surprise Easter Eggs

crepe paper Easter eggs
Kara Whitten

This is a really fun way of giving your younger guests a little Easter treat—as they unwind the paper and the egg itself, they'll find mementos like pom-pom critters, which can easily be made at home.

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Easter Bunny Decorations

easter bunny cupcakes
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

To bring some last-minute Easter charm to your dessert table, use our printable template to march bunnies across a garland, sit them atop cupcakes, or offer sneak peeks into gift bags.

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Bunny Folded Napkins


Bring the Easter Bunny to the holiday table with rabbit-shaped napkins that require just a few simple folds. You can use well-starched cotton or linen for the best results, as softer materials may not be pliable enough for intended results.

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Decorated Egg Weights

Anna Williams

Don't let your tablecloth blow away! Anchor your party table covering with plastic eggs filled with jelly beans. Secure gingham ribbon around the eggs with hot glue, and thread through openings you've hole-punched into the corners of the cloth.

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