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Weatherproof Pots and Planters

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 6112

With spring right around the corner, now is the time to get pots ready to plant.

When choosing container options for outdoor spaces, a wide range of weatherproof pots and planters can prove both wonderfully chic and surprisingly functional. Here, Martha Stewart Living deputy gardening editor Tony Bielaczyc shares some of his favorite options. For a cohesive aesthetic both indoors and out, be sure to look for containers that work well with the natural elements of your property and coordinate with the architectural style of your home.

Seibert & Rice Terra-Cotta Pots
Made from Italian Renaissance-influenced designs that are passed down for generations, sculptural Siebert & Rice pots have been created from Impruneta clay that turns pink after it is fired. Sit the weatherproof containers, which take on a distinctive patina as they age, in a place of honor in your garden.


Campo de' Fiori Clay Containers
These elegant clay pots are made with a textured swirl design and surface treatment that gives them an appealingly aged appearance right from the start. Use for a rustic, informal garden look.


Pennoyer Newman Stone-Resin Planters
Based on classic stone planters, these sleek containers are far less hefty yet still stately. Made with pummeled stone and marble blended with resin, the antique-inspired planters can stay outside for years at a time with no problems. Place anywhere you'd like to add a boost of neoclassical style.


Jayson Home and Garden FiberClay Pots
Though these Moroccan-style pots look as if they are made of lead, they are actually formed from lightweight FiberClay. Their very romantic and beautiful shape is fitting for unusual plants, such as Mediterranean orange and fig trees, agave, or succulents.


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