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Vanilla Pound Cake

Recipe photo courtesy of Reed Davis

How sweet it is -- pound cake from scratch in three simple steps! We've added vanilla to our recipe for an extra hint of flavor!

Source: Everyday Food, September 2008
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  • cyndi3935577
    23 MAY, 2018
    This was definitely no pound cake I have ever eaten before it was terrible it tasted like dough I followed the instructions I done everything it said but it was still horrible I made a glaze that helped the cake taste better I will not use this again
  • mini_skinny
    21 APR, 2018
    Great basic recipe that can be added to for a moist, delicious cake. Changes: I added 4 tbsp baking powder, zest from 2 lemons, 1 tsp almond and 1 tsp lemon extract, I used 2 tsps vanilla. It was so moist, crispy on the crust and perfect sweetness. I baked it on one rack lower than the middle for an hour and tented it for the last 10 minutes.
    • mini_skinny
      25 APR, 2018
      Sorry tipatac and everyone else. There is no way to adjust this comment. I used 4 teaspoons baking powder.
    • tipatac
      22 APR, 2018
      Did you add 4 tbsp or 4 tsp of baking powder?
  • cindybperk8871364
    23 FEB, 2018
    I followed the recipe, watched the video, and followed and directions. It was a disaster! Too dense, with an egg-y flavor. I’m deleting this recipe!
    • mini_skinny
      21 APR, 2018
      I added 4 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp lemon and almond extract, just 2 tsp vanilla, lemon zest. It turned out great. Needs the baking powder, otherwise it is too heavy.
  • moosagesbymarie
    24 JUN, 2017
    Southern Living has a million dollar pound cake which uses Milk. The Betty Crocker website's pound cake uses milk. Just saying....
    • byubaby831
      2 APR, 2018
      I’ve made a cake that’s an old recipe handed down for 4 generations now that uses milk & we have enjoyed it & shared throughout the years, so perhaps some do not require milk, but to say cake recipes NEVER have milk as an ingredient is not accurate!!!
  • holly_899
    25 FEB, 2018
    Quite a nice cake. I made HALF of this recipe as I am using the pound cake as a base for a fruit tart. I halved all the ingredients and baked the cake in the same size pan as recommended in recipe at 350 but for 45 minutes only. It gave me a cake about an inch and a half in height. I’ve never baked a pound cake before and although it wouldn’t be my first choice in cake I thought this one turned out nicely.
    • holly_899
      25 FEB, 2018
      As well I didn’t even realize this recipe had a video until after I made it. I followed the instructions well and made sure to blend the sugar and butter for 5-7 minutes and beat the eggs in separately (they were straight fro my fridge, NOT room temperature) and my cake turned out just fine. I even microwaved the butter for about 21 second season because I had just bought it from the store and it was still a bit cool.
  • gdivay
    19 FEB, 2018
    It was easy to make but it was not very good at all. I will never use this recipe again. Waste of products.
  • tien2959509
    25 JAN, 2018
    My first time baking pound cake. No baking powder, spared more time in mixing butter and sugar. Also added 3 tablespoon of evaporated milk. Turned out surprisingly good and tasty. Not dry yet tasty. Love it! Such a simple and basic cake, it's definitely my favourite.
  • dunnwalter
    14 JAN, 2018
    You should really change the recipe to reflect what is said in the video. The recipe says that all items should be room temperature, I didn't do that with my eggs. It also says to cream the butter first then gradually add sugar. The recipe doesn't state to do this separately. I didn't realize that I had to watch the video first to make sure I was making this correctly...had I known that was a requirement maybe my pound cake would have turned out better. I'm a new baker so the abbreviated instructions really let me down.
  • ydwils
    27 DEC, 2017
    Very easy, tastes great and not real heavy.. Thanks!
  • GreyDove_679
    26 JUL, 2017
    Making a second time, first one fell while cooking. Looked at how people added more ingredients so will see what happens
    • angeline2005
      25 OCT, 2017
      Made the cake today. Exactly according to the recipe. Unfortunately it turned out awfully dry. Don't think I would make this cake again.

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