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Vanilla Pound Cake

Recipe photo courtesy of Reed Davis

How sweet it is -- pound cake from scratch in three simple steps! We've added vanilla to our recipe for an extra hint of flavor!

Source: Everyday Food, September 2008
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  • dunnwalter
    14 JAN, 2018
    You should really change the recipe to reflect what is said in the video. The recipe says that all items should be room temperature, I didn't do that with my eggs. It also says to cream the butter first then gradually add sugar. The recipe doesn't state to do this separately. I didn't realize that I had to watch the video first to make sure I was making this correctly...had I known that was a requirement maybe my pound cake would have turned out better. I'm a new baker so the abbreviated instructions really let me down.
  • ydwils
    27 DEC, 2017
    Very easy, tastes great and not real heavy.. Thanks!
  • MS12102049
    23 AUG, 2017
    I think some readers are confused. This is a pound cake....the title referring to a pound of sugar, flour and butter....other cakes use milk or buttermilk but a true pound cake is really this simple and rich. I always add more vanilla but going to try the orange zest and essence next time. And then you have the sour creme pound cake recipes but the beating is the key!
  • GreyDove_679
    26 JUL, 2017
    Making a second time, first one fell while cooking. Looked at how people added more ingredients so will see what happens
    • angeline2005
      25 OCT, 2017
      Made the cake today. Exactly according to the recipe. Unfortunately it turned out awfully dry. Don't think I would make this cake again.
  • msblackwell311
    16 JUL, 2017
    If you want the cake to bake faster, put it in for about 40 minutes at 400°F.
  • 13232264DW
    26 JUN, 2017
    Also, some cakes you can use buttermilk in the recipe but not usually regular milk. Read up on your cake recipes. Pound cake is such an easy cake to make and you can dress it up or down how you like it.
  • 13232264DW
    26 JUN, 2017
    if you want a little more flavor add vanilla extract or almond extract.
  • moosagesbymarie
    24 JUN, 2017
    Southern Living has a million dollar pound cake which uses Milk. The Betty Crocker website's pound cake uses milk. Just saying....
  • doodlebugsinfo
    22 JUN, 2017
    Just tasted a piece of this that I made a little earlier this evening and it is good, but not great. It is very light on flavor, to me. I had an amazing pound cake recipe some years ago and have misplaced it and can never seem to find a comparable alternative. Maybe it would be better with another quarter cup of sugar and some zest, lemon or orange, to enhance the flavor. I used vanilla and vanilla bean paste and still not enough flavor for me. It is good and the texture is spot on, but it needs a little extra flavor for me.
  • socialw57
    9 JUN, 2017
    Clarification....I don't put milk in my homemade cakes

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