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Easy Pie Crust

Recipe photo courtesy of Clive Streeter

Prep now and enjoy wonderful pies all summer. Make the crust and topping ahead, and keep them in the freezer.

Source: Everyday Food, July/August 2003
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  • andy1734
    21 NOV, 2018
    Love this recipe, I've used it for years. It's always turned out great for me. To keep your pie crust in better shape you can always put it back in the fridge after shaping it for the butter to harden before cooking.
  • bkp1
    23 OCT, 2014
    Video calls for 1 T sugar but recipe is 1 teaspoon. Which is correct?
    • tamlechem5016624
      16 NOV, 2018
      im pretty sure its 1 tsp! 1 tablespoon would be way too much w only a teaspoon of salt.
    • careys25
      18 MAY, 2017
      I think that is 1 teas[filtered], that is what I have used.
    • LindaG0712
      7 NOV, 2014
      Did you happen to try this yet? I was wondering which is the correct one as well.
  • eric2681
    9 NOV, 2018
    Ok I have to admit that this is the first time that I have tried this. I looked thru some comments and saw to pulse it in a food processor before kneeding it by hand - I feel that this was a huge time saver. Also, because this is my first time, I don’t have a rolling pin. FYI: a wine bottle works lovely for this! Hahaha! Honestly though, it was easy; but not easier than buying a roll out pie crust from the grocer.
  • deseed
    21 JUL, 2012
    The hand in the picture looks like that of a cadaver! I wouldn't eat the pie that had been touch by those hands.
    • eric2681
      9 NOV, 2018
    • nickinacolewhit
      6 SEP, 2018
    • nickinacolewhit
      6 SEP, 2018
      Y, would the need to be illiterate and prejudice?,... Very ¢ruel,...may I @$k, "What'$ Ever $o Wrong With the Pair of hand$?,....I $ee NOTHING!!,..Are You $eeing and $peaking on COLOR?,....
    • cbozeman198746151
      18 JAN, 2018
      That is so mean. If you can't say anything nicely then don't say anything!
  • charleskyoto
    6 NOV, 2018
    Flour is such a difficult thing to measure. How about adding weights (in grams) for us expats.
    • eric2681
      9 NOV, 2018
      340g flour, 4g salt, 4g sugar, 226g butter
  • MS11467858
    17 OCT, 2018
    I'm madly in love with this pastry! It's so easy and delicious (and I disliked pastry previously). After cutting my butter into cubes, I froze it before pulsing it. Also, I used salted butter. I used it for various tarts at Christmas time. I rolled, cut and re-rolled over and over and this dough never became tough. It's amazing. Thank you for a lovely recipe.
  • HillsdaleAlix
    8 NOV, 2012
    This recipe was a major disappointment & I'll not use it again. I followed the ingred./steps in the magazine version. 2 sticks of butter is WAY too much! The crust came out hard instead of flaky. Butter actually pooled onto the baking sheet under the pie. Yes, I followed the recipe precisely & yes I have successfully made great crust before. Just wanted to try Martha's version.
    • cbozeman198746151
      18 JAN, 2018
      Obviously your oven temperature needs to be checked. It is also best if all of your ingredients have been chilled. Try it again
  • plcollins7776319
    5 NOV, 2017
    Love this pie crust i will use this recipe forever
  • pibleu
    28 OCT, 2017
    The dough was crumbly... I think I faulty did the steps*.
  • carthompson66
    11 FEB, 2017
    Does this recipe include the top?
    • careys25
      19 MAY, 2017

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