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These aromatic cookies will just melt in your mouth.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2006



Cook's Notes

Cookies can be refrigerated in airtight containers up to 2 weeks.

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  • Juliacr
    25 SEP, 2011
    I wasn't able to follow this recipe exactly ( I made buttered bourbon meltaways with whole wheat flour and almond extract, not vanilla) but the cookies were still excellent- dry and crumbly in the best way possible. I was worried that 3/4 t of salt was too much, but it really deepens the flavor of the cookies. I found a serrated knife worked best for cutting the cookies. Make these and everyone will love you this holiday season.
  • mejan
    5 JAN, 2010
    These are delicious and have a gorgeous scent! I gave them as gifts this year and was asked for the recipe by a person who tasted them at a gift recipient's home.
  • solberhl
    19 MAR, 2009
    you add all the flour to the mixture at the same time - the 1 and 3/4 cups and the 2 tablespoons. a full two cups would have made the dough to dry, and crumble apart, so it's just shy of the 2 cups. If done this way, it does not stick to the parchment, no need to flour parchment paper anyway.
  • nanopia
    10 FEB, 2009
    I don't know how someone could say these aren't sweet, they're drenched in powdered sugar...... The thought of run sounded weird to me but you don't taste a thing. Imagine a wonderfully spiced Christmas cookie with powdered sugar that crumbles into a powdery heaven in your mouth. This is going on my annual cookie list!
  • Snowflake7867
    14 DEC, 2008
    It may just be my taste, but these cookies were not as good as I had hoped. They were dry and not very sweet. I was sad because their title makes them sound so good.
    18 NOV, 2008
    In instruction 2 it tells us to fold, roll and PRESS dough into 1 1/4 inch log. because it said press, I decided to put the 2 T. flour on the parchment paper. I did not want the dough to stick to the paper. Works great. Best Wishes for the coming Holidays. Marlene
  • ronifilla2019334
    20 OCT, 2008
    You shouldn't have any trouble using a regular mixer, or hand mixer with this recipe. You can actually do a good job of mixing the butter and sugar together with a hand whisk too. I have done that many times when I didn't want to get the biggie dirty. It all works.
  • ronifilla2019334
    20 OCT, 2008
    I noticed the extra call for 2Tbl flour and no what to do with it either. I would think it could be to dust the parchment before rolling into logs. But parchment isn't supposed to stick hence the reason for using it in the first place. Humm, maybe we should be the editors of the recipes, or maybe we already
  • cinnamonsue
    26 JUL, 2008
    I do not have a Kitchen-Aid or other stand mixer with paddle attachment-has anyone tried to make this with a regular hand mixer? Success?
  • quackers4ducks
    18 JUN, 2008
    I think that the 2 tbls flour is supposed to be spread on each of the parchment papers as you divide the dough so it will not stick to the paper. They just forgot to say that in the instructions.

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