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For spicier ribs, coat them with your favorite chile rub before wrapping in foil and baking.

Source: Everyday Food, July/August 2005
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  • springrobin
    3 AUG, 2011
    Great recipe for a novice griller! The first time I made it was without doing a dry rub first and it was fine, but I thought it was even better doing the seasoned rub. I made it one weekend and then I was requested to make it again the following weekend! I'd say that speaks for itself :)
  • Lil-Brooklyn
    4 JUL, 2011
    Simplistic excellence. My first attempt with baby backs and this no fuss recipe was a huge winner. I added a multi spice dry rub before roasting in the oven for deeper flavor, but followed everything else as indicated. The ribs turned out tender and super tasty. Zero leftovers.
  • Haros
    14 JAN, 2011
    Really easy and delicious, like cooked at a restaurant!
  • MS10957282
    17 FEB, 2009
    This recipe IS phenomenal and easy. I used a grill pan and it worked great. The flavor is just right and the ribs are so tender. Fantastic.
  • chrisbensch
    2 NOV, 2008
    These are phenomenally good and so easy. No mess and I don't even bother with the grilling step--just broil them a couple minutes in the oven to crisp them up. This recipe--and the technique--is definitely a hit!
  • Tuger
    26 JUL, 2008
    I love the idea of slow cooking overnight. Sounds like they are Memphis good. I am going to try and incorporate a little of the two recipes. Thanks to all of you. I can imagine how yummy they taste now. Tuger
  • dovecanyon
    25 JUL, 2008
    My mother-in-law pre-boils her ribs also. I find that it completely changes the texture of the meat, more "stringy" and dry rather than firm and juicy, and leaves them with very little taste. They are tender, but not as flavorful as when slow roasted. Just my opinion.
  • newmomma
    25 JUL, 2008
    I have always boiled my ribs in a pot on the stove first for about an hour. They come out real tender that way. Then I pour the BBQ sauce on generously and heat in the oven for about 45 minutes right before dinner time. um um um delicious!
  • dovecanyon
    25 JUL, 2008
    We have always pre-baked our ribs before grilling, but use a different method. Follow the above method, but pour on the BBQ sauce, generously, really coating all ribs on both sides. (I just pour on the whole bottle of sauce.) Then seal them up and bake at very low heat, 250-275 degrees, for several hours, or overnight. All you have to do is take the saucy ribs from the oven and toss them on the grill to brown slightly. They absolutely melt-in-your-mouth. This can be done the day before.
  • laceteddie
    27 MAY, 2008
    We throw large scale barbecues and have always pre-cooked ribs in the oven, so that they are on and off the grill in a flash. They are also less likely to burn since a lot of the fat cooks out in the oven roasting. We have actually done them in the over the night before and refrigerated them overnight to use the next day. This saves time and gives you that long cooked, fork tender meat.

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