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This recipe for white cupcakes with strawberry buttercream is sure to please everyone's sweet tooth.




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  • MS10187814
    22 JUL, 2015
    These are really fabulous for a summer treat. I actually used raspberry jam in the frosting, for a bit of a tangy compliment. It turned out quite nicely.
  • MS112620367
    3 FEB, 2014
    Forgot to add that I add small chopped strawberries to the batter. I love fruit in cakes ;-)
  • MS112620367
    3 FEB, 2014
    These cupcakes are super light and fluffy. Everyone loved them. For my little girls birthday I used swiss buttercream in a light pink color and right before serving sprinkled "pop rocks" candy for an unexpected "pop". Kids and adults loved them. Cupcake recipe is definitely a keeper!
  • Fireflyjh30
    19 SEP, 2013
    The cupcake recipe is amazing. This is my go-to white cake recipe, so light and just sweet enough. As for the frosting, it was my first time making a meringue buttercream. Based on the comments, I added the preserves a little at a time. It wasn't too soupy, but it wasn't an amazing texture to work with. I'm sure I just need to practice. The taste was amazing, though. Absolutely delicious.
  • DeepSoor
    7 MAR, 2013
    The mixture smelled so lovely but I don't have the normal conventional oven. I own a mini simfer oven and haven't figured out the temps yet. I made them with the specifird temps and they came out black! Somebody please help me with the mini oven temps if different.
  • Pursuing31
    20 FEB, 2012
    I loved the flavor of the icing; however, I agree it was VERY soupy. I found that by putting the frosting in an air-tight container overnight made the frosting stand up to the name "frosting." I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you make the frosting the night before you need it!!
  • christin14
    13 FEB, 2012
    cupcakes were fantastic! i used 1/4 of the jam that was called for in the icing and it turned out great, so maybe that's why some have been having trouble with consistancy. I also used raspberry jam and it had a different kick, but i think i will definitly go strawberry next time!
  • aazhar
    16 MAY, 2011
    This looks good to try
  • jetgyrl52
    20 NOV, 2010
    I completely know what you're talking about with the frosting. Yes, after adding the jam, your beautiful buttercream frosting may come out a bit inconsistent in texture. So what I did was add about 3/4 stick of butter and whipped it for about 5 minutes until the texture came back. I recommend saving some of your butter until after the jam is added so the texture can stay consistent.
  • chellefish
    8 SEP, 2010
    Ok, my sister and I made these cupcakes line for line. You'd think we messed up or something because the cupcakes and the icing tasted horrific. If you like cupcakes that taste like nothing and icing that tastes like butt, the pleasures all yours. We suggest trying a different recipe that doesn't call for 50 lbs of butter. Seriously, biting into one of these cupcakes made be feel like a stick of butter myself.

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