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Dark-Chocolate Ganache

Recipe photo courtesy of Johnny Miller

Use this rich ganache with our Dark-Chocolate Cake for a devilish indulgence. Be sure to have a glass of milk handy!

Source: Everyday Food, October 2008



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  • ALR12330275DW
    10 JUN, 2016
    Excellent ganache frosting recipe! I'd add a little more powdered sugar the next time around. Also, for those who did not get a good consistency, you need to refrigerate the ganache for at least an hour. Then it whips up perfectly.
  • stevestilefacto
    29 NOV, 2015
    The photograph has nothing to do with the actual cake. It is kid approved, chocolate borthday boy approved, but I definitely would have done my own frosting rather than the ganache. boo on the photographer, who,obviously didn't the out the recipie.
  • ilovebrooklyn
    21 DEC, 2013
    I just made this ganache and it is exactly like on the picture + delicious. To those who got ''pudding'' perhaps you missed the part about putting it in the refrigerator for an hour, as one person said it takes almost 2 hours for the ganache to thicken. No need for whipping or beating. It is delicious. Thank you Martha!
  • 2095
    23 JUL, 2013
    i tried and it was really good..creamy and light yet full chocolate satisfaction..1 hour is not enough tough, mine was ready almost around 2 hours.
  • bmaaq
    28 JUN, 2012
    my grandmother only likes ganache 4 cakes. since she has diabetes i have 2 choose dark chocolate recipe . i dicreased the recipe 2 quarter > this is it after the changes : 1/2 cup cream ( light cream ) - 1/3 c sugar - salt - 150 grams chocolate - vanilla what i did : added them all 2 water bath until the chocolate melts ( i used the best quality of raw chocolate that i bought from italy ) and put it in fridge 4 an hr . if u want it liquidy just as it is but i wisked it and in both cases r gr8
  • Ladyrider
    31 MAR, 2012
    Delicious, this is my favorite chocolate frosting recipe.
  • LisaMHarper
    24 MAR, 2012
    This is a recipe for Ganache so why are people reviewing the cake recipe? Anyway, this recipe for ganache is terrible. The proportion of chocolate to cream is just wrong. I whipped the heck out of it and only got a soft runny pudding. It will never make the frosting seen in the picture of the chocolate cake. Guess we'll drink it....
  • Westislander
    19 FEB, 2012
    To Foxtrot, I'll bet you got some water in with your chocolate. I had that experience once and no amount of mixing can ever straighten it out. Try again without the water.
  • tommybluez
    31 JAN, 2012
    I haven't made this recipe, personally, however -- I use a standard 1:1 ratio of Heavy Cream to Chocolate... and my ganache always turns out perfectly. To the person who said it turned out grainy/oily - you must have used some CHEAP a** chocolate... don't cheap out on the basics, you'll never get good results!
  • foxtrot407
    5 SEP, 2011
    This ganache did not work for me. I followed the instructions perfectly, with good ingredients, but it turned out gloppy---it ended up with an almost grainy texture that would not set, and in the fridge it actually separated like peanut butter oil (stirring didn't help). I tried adding more sugar, whipping it--nothing worked. Anyone else have this trouble?

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