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Cardboard Faux Logs

Create decorative filler for any out-of-use fireplace with this innovative craft from artist Brenna Berger.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 6112


  • 12-inch-wide single-faced corrugated cardboard (aka "corrugated wrap")

  • Scissors

  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks

  • Craft knife or utility knife

  • Masking tape or painter's tape

  • Plaster of Paris

  • Water

  • Small plastic bucket


  1. To make main body of the log, roll a piece of 12-inch-wide single-faced corrugated cardboard (ridged side out) as tightly as possible. Resulting cylinder should be 5 to 8 inches in diameter.

  2. Once log is desired size, trim cardboard with scissors and, with hot glue, secure end of cardboard roll to body of log.

  3. To make short branches, roll one or two 1-inch to 2-inch cylinders as described in steps 1 and 2 above. With craft knife or utility knife, cut smaller cylinders at an angle about 2 to 4 inches along cylinder. At the next 2-inch to 4-inch measurement, cut the cylinder straight across. Repeat as desired.

  4. Using a hot-glue gun, attach angled side of short branches to the main body of the log. With masking tape or painter's tape, secure branches in place until hot glue cools.

  5. In small plastic bucket, using your hands, mix two parts plaster of Paris with one part water. Add extra plaster or water as needed until mixture is the consistency of toothpaste and there are no lumps.

  6. Once hot glue has cooled, remove all tape from branches and spread plaster on cardboard log in the direction of ridges with your fingers. Cover sides of log only, not the ends. Add as much or as little texture as desired.

  7. Let plaster set at least two hours and then arrange logs as desired.

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