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Thinnest Crust Pizza with Ricotta and Mushrooms

Asiago cheese is full flavored, so a little gives lots of taste. A sandwich wrap instead of pizza dough, when baked, gives you crunch without as many calories -- there are only 305 per serving!

Source: Everyday Food, January/February 2007
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  • St8ceF8ce
    18 JAN, 2013
    This was a great recipe - quick, easy, tasty. I plan to use it as a hot appetizer at an upcoming party - I like how versatile it can be with toppings. The only problem I see with this recipe is 450 degrees is way too hot for 20-25 minutes. My wrap edges were nearly burnt at 7 minutes. I will turn the heat down next time to give them center more time to warm/crisp up before the edges become overcooked.
  • kiltfire
    1 MAR, 2009
    I put crushed tomatoes, chipotle peppers, and shaved bacon on mine and served it at my last piano recital. It was a hit!
  • MS10796881
    28 FEB, 2009
    If you like garlic, try slicing a few cloves very thinly and add along with the onions. I have been using tortillas for pizza crust for a while now and find they support almost any topping and oh so fast.
  • LarryUnitas
    27 FEB, 2009
    While I have been making scratch pizza for my family and parties for over 40 years now ... the use of tortilla's offers in my view a paradigm shift for a quick quality pizza. The possibilities for creativity are unlimited. I bake them on a stone at 475 deg F for about 7 minutes to get a nice crispy product. I also continue to make my scratcch pizza every now and then to make sure I don't forget how. ( )
  • BlessedFarm
    27 FEB, 2009
    My husband came up with a very similar recipe, but it's not at all calorie friendly, lol. He uses two tortillas, butters the bottom one on the bottom side. Layers cheese on that, puts the second torilla over the cheese. Then he smears ketchup and italian seasoning on that torilla, adds more cheese, turkey peperoni, other toppings, and bakes at 350 for 20 mins or so. SO good! My being gluten free, I use white corn tortillas for my 'crusts', and it comes out equally yummy.
  • englrules
    27 FEB, 2009
    It says serve one half pizza per person, and there are two pizzas, so that means there are four servings. 305 calories is great!
  • jenniilona
    7 JAN, 2009
    For Null: The recipe says it serves four so with two pizzas one serving is two slices. Prepared these last night as appetizers, they were simple to prepare but tasted great.
  • flyandeat
    6 JAN, 2009
    I used Flatout Wraps and after only 5 minutes it looked too brown. Keep an eye on it. Maybe I should try 350 instead of 450?
  • ehguy11
    14 JUL, 2008
    Made this tonight and it is fantastic!!! I used Thomas' 100% Whole Wheat Saraha wraps for the crust. I also used sliced cremini mushrooms instead of white mushrooms. They are a buck more....but well worth the extra flavor. Couldn't be easier to prepare. Would be great for appetizers at a small party too.
  • Betty413
    14 JAN, 2008
    I haven't made this recipe yet, but will try it. Wraps are so versatile but I'm not fond of their gooey texture when used for sandwiches. Using them as a pizza crust that will be baked should be great.

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