It's crucial to the health and well-being of your pet that you choose a good veterinarian and an animal hospital that is conveniently located, clean, and open during off hours. There's usually no difficulty in finding a vet for a dog or cat, but you may have to look a little harder for one that specializes in more exotic animals such as birds, reptiles, ferrets, and rodents.

Specialist vets will usually belong to organizations or associations dedicated to exotic animals. If not, they'll likely be willing to consult with other exotic vets to further their knowledge. Talk to friends, breeders, and neighbors to find a list of potential candidates; do so before obtaining your pet to establish a relationship with a vet. Remember that the law requires most pets to have several vaccinations; dogs are routinely inoculated against rabies and distemper, just as cats are vaccinated for rabies and leukemia. Birds, ferrets, and numerous other animals are subject to similar requirements. Check with your vet to see which shots you'll need to protect the animals in your home.


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