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A buttery-vanilla batter is the base of a cake that brims with a pound of strawberries.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2005



Cook's Notes

Cake can be stored at room temperature, loosely covered, up to 2 days.

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  • c_johnson155
    13 MAR, 2019
    I used 2/3 cup of sugar in the cake and 1Tbsp. on the strawberries. Turned out delicious! Not too sweet.
  • ninuva
    1 JAN, 2019
    This recipe is a no failure, delicious, unique and simple one. The cake was done in 50mins .. so soft and moist.
  • cillarob80
    24 NOV, 2018
    Thank you Martha Stewart for this amazing Strawberry Cake. I make this easily when I have to quickly whip up desert for my family.. Never fails..
  • MS10401484
    31 JUL, 2018
    I have made this several times and it always tastes amazing with many compliments. I also tried make ng it in a springform pan and I think I’ll always do that from now on. Serve with real whipped creme and sliced strawberries.
  • jennifer.e.chappell
    4 JUN, 2018
    I don’t know why this recipe only has three stars. I’ve been making it for years and I find it excellent. Guests always love it and I serve with a little whipped cream on the side. Sometimes I even mix up the fruit based on what I have laying around in my fridge- it’s the perfect recipe for fruit that is on its way out. Just watch the baking time. I tend to start checking on it 45 min in because it can get too dry too quickly. I also bake this often in a springform pan.
    • MS10401484
      29 JUL, 2018
      Thank you for mentioning baking in a Springform pan. I will try that now. Baking for a Special workday tomorrow but waiting for heat outside to cool down before I start. Looks simple so I will start this around 9 pm and since it says can hold for 2 days bring it in the morning to surprise my co-workers. Thanks again!
  • anneflorenzano
    27 JUN, 2018
    THE perfect summer cake. I've made it 3 times already this summer and will be making it again for visitors this weekend. A simple recipe, similar to strawberry shortcake, but more elegant. I serve it with barely sweetened whipped cream topped with a few fresh berries. It's delicious. I'm sure I will eventually try it with other kinds of berries and it will be terrific. But for now I can't stop making it just as it is. A terrific summer cake.
  • rupelhaft
    23 JUN, 2018
    This was an amazing strawberry cake recipe. I did exactly as directed and it turned out perfect. Reminded me of strawberry short cake.
  • sherrymaxi1187980
    27 DEC, 2017
    I made the cake substituting brown sugar for half of the sugar (but not all). I used a square corning-ware cake pan. This pan is larger than a pie pan, so the cake came out thinner resembling a coffee style cake. Thinking about it, I realized that nuts would go well with this style cake. But since this cake doesn't have nuts in the recipe, I decided to make a strawberry topping for the cake. This topping would go on before I served it (so the cake was already cool). I combined sliced strawberries (a dab of sugar or sugar substitute to control any tartness) with strawberry preserves and added chopped walnuts. This way I could enjoy the nutty flavor and my spouse, who doesn't eat nuts, would not have the fruit topping. If you really like the cake sweet, you could probably also add a little powdered sugar on the top. But honestly, I think the cake and the strawberries are sweet enough. I also enjoy a little whipped cream too! I made it look so pretty! This cake is not very hard to make. Its nice for a little dessert!
  • brownbelva
    4 JUL, 2017
    The aroma is pure deliciousness! The cake is cooling now and I'll have it this evening. One disappointment -- the strawberries are buried under the cake! I placed them lightly on top of batter, did not push into batter. But I'm sure just because of the aroma, the cake will be delicious. I'll try again another time.
  • MS10065885
    24 MAY, 2017
    It was easy and quick. Less work than making strawberry shortcake. It's good with ice cream or fresh cream.

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