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If the sides aren't perfectly glazed, press in chocolate shavings for an easy cover-up.

Source: Everyday Food, October 2003
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  • rohandimsey
    9 MAY, 2017
    Why is there no instructions on how to make the glaze?
  • gourmande
    17 FEB, 2017
    I love this dense, brownie-like cake. The last time I made it, I stirred into the batter 1 cup of dried sour cherries that I had soaked in 2Tbsp of Amaretto for about 30 minutes. Served with whipped cream and a few juicy, tart jarred sour cherries...fantastic!
  • beccamallard
    2 NOV, 2014
    Very dense cake. Need milk and lots of whip cream to go with. Not particularly one of our favorites but the glaze was very good :) Flavor reminded me of a not so sweet hot cocoa.
  • adell72
    8 APR, 2014
    The best chocholate cake receipe i ever made,so dense and lovely texture but like other review said i cut down the sugar 1/4 cup but i love to used used mix organic raw brouwn sugar and a bit white sugar,i cut down cocoa powder to become 1/2 cup because i used melted dark chohcolate 125 gr,yummy and with this we don't need the glace
  • photo cake magician
    29 JAN, 2013
    Hi, Thanks for the recipe!! This is a great cake to use for our edible photo cake. Visit us at
  • nigruzdeva
    10 JUL, 2012
    I make this cake almost every week and my family loves it a lot!if they ask for smth yummy they mean this cake)
  • 1275
    18 MAR, 2012
    This is SO good! I made this cake yesterday for my family's st. patrick's day meal. I cut the sugar by 1/4 cup and divided the batter between two greased 8-inch round baking pans and baked it for about 27 minutes. I then made a creamy mint flavored icing to frost between the layers and glazed the top with a different chocolate glaze. It was great! I loved the dense texture, just like a brownie. This would be great with 3 or 4 layers as a torte. So yummy, you must try!
  • MS112581108
    21 FEB, 2012
    I just baked this cake...The flavor is delicious but the cake didnt raise....Dont know what happened, its maybe im in high altitude
  • Lori598
    15 JUL, 2011
    This cake is VERY dense, so if you prefer a fluffier cake, don't make this recipe. Also, I used a 70% cocoa chocolate for the glaze and found it to be too bitter. I would use a sweeter chocolate (maybe 50% cocoa) or add sugar to the glaze.
  • Floribunda
    20 JUL, 2010
    I have been making this recipe since it was first published in Everyday Food mag and IT IS AWESOME. I always serve this cake as the "chocolate" element for dessert when entertaining. It is super-easy to prepare and makes a lovely, dense texture. Lining the pan with wax paper makes removing and clean up a breeze. Love it! Try it!

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