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To make one of Martha's favorite sandwiches, serve leftover bread with slices of liverwurst and a slathering of Homemade Mayonnaise.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television



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  • MS10343471
    8 APR, 2017
    I am polish, married into Ukrainian family that does not cook. My gift to them every Easter is this. They love it!!! I had to teach myself that the weather greatly affects the outcome.
  • lysychky
    8 APR, 2015
    The proportions are perfect -- the results excellent. Moist and tasty. I altered the recipe some -- added raisins soaked in rum (gold and regular) - 1 and 1/2 cups total, and 3x the vanilla called for by recipe. Also used cake yeast instead of dried and made a sponge first using more flour and water than the recipe noted. This is closest to the way my mom made it. Thanks.
  • rhirniak
    4 APR, 2015
    I have seen this recipe before online. Olga's Ukrainian Easter Paska. It is a great recipe but did not originate with Martha Stewart.
  • MS10514097
    4 APR, 2013
    I have used this recipe before and missed placed. This recipe is the closest one to my mothers. This recipe is delicious and not hard to make. I will bake it again
  • Warchola Holiday Designs
    29 MAR, 2013
    This is my second time using this recipe and the breads came out perfect every time! I added raisins to the second batch and I tweeked the directions a bit by NOT using the paper collar and I used glass Pyrex bowls...Perfection! LOVE this recipe and will now use it often, Thank you for posting it!
  • MS10020143
    31 MAR, 2010
    I tuned in a little late to the show and was wondering....I'd like to try this recipe but is that really wax paper that she used in the pot? I didn't know you could bake with wax paper. I've never seen brown wax paper. Where can I find it or was she using some type of brown baking paper? Thanks very much.
  • JrzeyGirl
    31 MAR, 2010
    My Baba baked her paska inside the large Corning ware, glass bowls. We had them short and round. Our Russian Orthodox, Carpatho Rusyn, paska's are also decorated with dough. Baba made braids, criss-crossed them w/knots (We call pupchiks). I've made Easter baskets by weaving dough w/ a braided handle, almond flowers and cookie cutter bunny. Dad made a beautiful limbed tree! I'll take pics this year and Share!
  • craftygirl4
    2 APR, 2008
    You can use coffee cans to bake the paska....notice the lines on the paska on the right in the picture? This is what my Baba did....
  • craftygirl4
    2 APR, 2008
    You can use coffee cans to bake the paska....notice the lines on the paska on the right in the picture? This is what my Baba did....
  • Yorkie_7
    26 MAR, 2008
    Hallinr...yes the "saucepan" is like the one you use on the stove...with high sides. Just make sure you put the wax "collar" on the pans, since the bread rises high. I would think a souffle dish would work if it was the proper diameter and had the collar on them.

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