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Combine breakfast favorites oatmeal and pancakes for the perfect start to your day. Rolled oats give these pancakes a hearty, nutty flavor. Serve your oatmeal pancakes with butter and maple syrup or powdered sugar and bananas.

Source: Everyday Food, May 2009
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Cook's Notes

To Freeze: Cool pancakes on a wire rack, then arrange in a single layer on a baking sheet. Freeze until firm, about 30 minutes. Transfer pancakes to a resealable plastic bag and store in the freezer up to 3 months.

To Heat from Frozen: For a single serving, warm pancakes in the toaster or toaster oven. For larger batches, arrange pancakes in a single layer on a baking sheet. Cover with foil and heat at 350 degrees until warm, 10 minutes.

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  • judyamzel
    14 OCT, 2017
    I like the denseness of these and eat them as a breakfast bar type food. I leave them at work for snacks and eat them like granola bars only flat. They pack well and are a good snack. I feel like I am eating a bowl of oatmeal in them. I don't grind anything and use mostly oatmeal. I added and adjusted abit. I like the hockey puck nature of them and like the chewiness. I always have them on hand and freeze them. Great recipe for me.
  • macaronlover23
    23 JUL, 2015
    This recipe is not a keeper. Its pretty dense, however. The flavor was fine but they didn't cook up very well. They were flat, heavy, and squishy. I was looking forward to crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside pancake with hardy oats and a touch of spices. While the spices and hardiness were there, the denseness was just not optimal. It needs some altering and has the potential for a good recipe.
  • dorothy1144
    11 DEC, 2011
    This was a fantastic recipe to make eggless! My children have an egg allergy so I am always on the lookout for breakfast recipes that I can make without eggs and have the recipe still turn out good. This one is the best I found so far. I used a combination of Ener-G egg replacer and ground up flax seeds to replace the eggs. I also did not add the last cup of oats. I did add vanilla flavor as well. They turned out perfect!
    • SarahZia
      23 JUN, 2015 much flax seeds / meal did u add for this quantity? Thanks!
  • sarahmaichel
    2 SEP, 2014
    I first discovered this recipe over 5 years ago through my Everyday Food subscription. It has become my go-to made-from-scratch pancake recipe. A couple of small alterations: I run all the oats through the food processor so the pancakes have a smoother texture, and use almond or coconut milk, as my son is milk-intolerant. They always turn out great! I typically make a batch on a Sunday morning and cook up the extras to freeze for school mornings. No more store-bought toaster pancakes!
  • Michele113
    10 AUG, 2014
    Made these this morning for my kids and they loved them. I ground the 1 cup of oats in a small processor and added them to the dry ingredients using a whisk to blend. The pancakes were soft and filling. Yummy!
  • Cosmic Cat
    13 JUL, 2014
    Great recipe, great video, makes me want to cook some right now. Thank you.
  • Stacee T
    27 APR, 2013
    So yummy! I ended up processing both cups of oats to make a smoother batter. The hint of cinnamon is delicious. I froze the leftovers...placing a piece of wax paper in between each pancake. To reheat, just pop one in the toaster. Easy and delicious breakfast!
  • Gethzerion
    9 MAR, 2013
    I've tested many pancake recipes in search of a household regular and I think I just found it. The full recipe yields too many pancakes for 2, so I halved it and it was perfect. We do like our batter a little thicker, so we reduced the amount of milk as well. Last time, I also omitted the oil without any issues. I've added bananas, chocolate/peanut butter chips, walnuts, etc. It's simply wonderful!
  • als112
    26 FEB, 2013
    Quite possibly the best pancake recipe I've found yet! We made the recipe as is and didn't finish it all in one day, so refrigerated it and used it the next day - it was way better! Made it again this morning, and pureed all the oats so it wouldn't be hard, and it's still tasty.
  • Marina M
    6 JAN, 2013
    I was wondering where the freeze part of the recipe is... other than that, great!

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