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Animal Party Blowouts

Kids will love to play with these adorable animal-shaped blowouts inspired by characters in children's author Matthew Van Fleet's interactive book, "Heads." Make them for a children's birthday party, and when the event is over, send each little guest home with a brand-new toy.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 6092


  1. Print desired animal template onto legal paper: Alligator (color or black and white), Elephant (color or black and white), or Tiger (color or black and white). Color in black and white template with colored pencils or crayons, if desired. To add more rigidity to blowouts, use spray adhesive, Twin-Tack, or a glue stick to mount template on cardstock or a manila folder.

  2. Using a bone folder, score along dotted lines, then with scissors, cut out all three shapes on template, being sure to cut out holes for blowout to fit through. Fold along scored lines.

  3. Download assembly template to use as a guide. 

  4. Fold tab on front body piece back and, with double-sided tape, attach to back body piece, aligning holes. Colored sides should be facing same direction and pieces should form a standing tent.

  5. Fold back head tab and with double-sided tape, affix to top of back body piece.

  6. Fold down front head tab and insert blowout through all holes through back of body

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