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Cat Questions

Marc Morrone answers questions about scratching posts, diet, and dental health.

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Why must my cats rip up my couch even though I have supplied them with other things to scratch?
Your cats obviously prefer your couch to any other scratchable items around. You'll need to make the couch less appealing and a scratching post more attractive. One way to entice them toward the post is to sprinkle good, fresh catnip on it. To deter the cats from wreaking mayhem on the couch, you can try cat repellent sprays or double-sided tape.

My cat Cosmo loves to eat fresh chives. Are there other herbs that cats like to eat?
Cats also seem to enjoy collard greens, ryegrass, Swiss chard, endive, parsley, and dandelion greens. These are high in vitamins A and C and contain a good amount of fiber. Be sure to choose fresh greens with bright, green leaves.

My cat absolutely hates getting her teeth brushed. What should I do if the vet says she's developing plaque?
You'll have to get her gradually accustomed to having her teeth brushed. Start off with some gauze wrapped around your finger and gently massage her gums and teeth. Once she gets used to it, switch to a finger brush made especially for animals. Massage the gums and teeth with the brush for a few more days. Finally, switch to a regular animal toothbrush and add some cat toothpaste (available at most pet stores).

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