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Citrus-Growing Tips from Martha's Gardener

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 6092

Martha has enjoyed growing citrus fruits in her greenhouse for many years, letting her drink juice from locally grown produce all year round.

Martha's gardener, Shaun Kass, shares the secrets to growing the juiciest, most abundant fruit on your citrus trees:

Citrus Growing Guide

  • Don't overwater -- Shaun waits to water the citrus trees until they are almost wilting, especially in winter. They require more water in the summer, especially if it is really hot and humid.
  • When a tree is in full fruit and/or setting fruit, it requires more water. The developing fruit needs the water to mature.
  • If you have a mealy bug outbreak, use a strong stream of water from a hose to knock off any insects.
  • Use a liquid fertilizer twice per month for additional nutrition. Shaun also uses Lutz Super Citrus tablets about once a year. You need five tablets per inch of trunk, planted about four inches deep in a circle around the edge of the pot.
  • Shaun keeps the temperature at 58 degrees in the greenhouse, and the citrus plants respond well to that.
  • Indoor citrus plants can go outside into partial shade around Memorial Day and stay outside until Columbus Day.

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