They're more than just an adorable breed.

Good-natured, calm, and strong, Bernese Mountain Dogs are a beloved breed for a reason. Lovingly referred to as "Berners," they're known for their sweet character as much as their signature black, white, and red-brown majestic coat. According to the American Kennel Club, the popular dog breed has a life expectancy of seven to 10 years and typically grows up to 27 inches and 115 pounds for males; females generally measure up to 26 inches and 95 pounds.

Their Origin

Historically, Bernese Mountain Dogs were put to work hauling carts through the Alps due to their inherent strength, but they could also be found guarding farmlands from predators or herding cattle. At the beginning of the 20th century, dog breeders began taking a special interest in them and created breeding farms in the Swiss city of Bern—hence their name, Bernese. The breed is one of four varieties of Swiss Mountain Dogs.

Their Personality

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a large breed with a friendly, easygoing, and affectionate demeanor. They are social and get along well with children and families. Not to mention they enjoy regular bouts of moderate exercise—making them the perfect companion for your morning walks. They have thick, long coats that are perfect for the cold months of winter but are uncomfortable in the summer heat. Ask your vet about the best way to help Bernese stay cool during warmer months and be sure to groom them weekly to maintain a soft and healthy coat—and combat shedding.


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