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Best English Rose Hybrids from David Austin Roses

The Martha Stewart Show

Gardeners everywhere know rose hybridizer David Austin for his English roses, which combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the color range and repeat blooms of modern roses.

Recently made available for mail order in the United States, David's cut English roses are bred especially for the vase, with longer stems and extended vase life. Michael Marriott, senior rosarian at David Austin Roses, shares favorite varieties:

A classic antique old rose form, 'Phoebe' features an open cup, dense layers of petals, and a rich, fruity fragrance.


With a lovely buttermilk color and lacelike ruffled petals, this rose opens wide to reveal a perfect flat rosette with a classic button eye.


'Juliet' is one of the best known and most beloved English roses. Neatly arranged tiers of petals and a peachy color give it an overall warmth and purity.


The large, spectacular rose-pink flowers of 'Miranda' belie their delicate, fruity fragrance.


With the longest vase life of all English roses -- 10 days -- this variety evolves from bright crimson buds to a rich, purple flower.


The newest David Austin rose, each 'Keira' flower is a unique blend of blush pink and cream, with a medium fragrance. Its appearance on "The Martha Stewart Show" marks its American debut!

Shop for English rose bouquets from David Austin Roses, and get English rose planting and care tips from Michael Marriott.

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