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Dutch Baby Pancake

Recipe photo courtesy of Johnny Miller

This puffy baked treat is a breeze to make because you whirl the batter together in the blender. Once out of the oven, the pancake collapses quickly, so have your forks ready.

Source: Everyday Food, March 2009
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  • ALR12300168DW
    7 APR, 2019
    This is a bog standard Yorkshire pudding and it flopped. The picture shows a truly badly made example. It should rise more than ten centimetres above the rim of the dish, at least. It will sink back slightly so serve straight away, like a soufflé it goes to the table the minute it's out. Those that are eating it can put what ever they want on it, have those things ready on the table at time of serving. Usually it's brought out straight after a roast is served and straight from the oven, each plate getting a lovely giant crispy curvy slice of it with gravy poured in the middle. Our house keeper Lillian made the best Yorkshire puddings in the world. No exaggeration.
  • vlapinta1
    9 JAN, 2016
    Mine Failed terribly! I followed the recipe but it burnt on the bottom, never cooked through, and never rose. I am wondering why that happened?
    • DAG8520
      4 FEB, 2018
      did you have old flour?
  • DAG8520
    4 FEB, 2018
    The first time I made this, I followed the recipe exactly. It was almost too sweet, but still wonderful. The second time, I used some cinnamon (1/2 teaspoon full) and a few dashes of nutmeg, and it was perfect! Since then, I've substituted orange or lemon extract instead of the vanilla, and all come out well! The only thing I do differently now is that I heat up my cast iron skillet on the stove top, melting the butter, and then pour the room-temperature batter into that before putting it into the oven. It really crisps it up!
  • auddiebrook
    22 OCT, 2017
    I preheated the oven for close to 30 minutes. Which is almost always needed in my older oven to fully heat the walls not just the air. I then added my cast iron pan along with the butter while I made the batter. I used a ninja blender, and blended at a high speed until frothy. It came out perfectly at precisely 20 minutes. I added nutmeg to my topping sugar. Wonderful.
  • abelsaundra
    7 MAY, 2017
    Love it i added lemon extract - with the lemon juice doubled recipe and cooked in my lodge skillet squeeze lots of lemon and powdered sugar - have everything else ready before you put in oven....... It is so good hot and served at the table.
  • peggyrae4
    23 APR, 2017
    Saw different posts on using gluten free flour, honey, coconut milk, etc. My grandkids have pediatric crohn's disease and there are so few "treats" left to them. Can anyone suggest quan[filtered]ies of a gluten free flour, honey and coconut milk to use? I am not at all familiar with the subs[filtered]utions and would love to be able to treat them when I next visit. I've made dutch babies for my own kids and yorkshire puddings and even abelskivers but the grandkids can't have any of it. Thank you!
  • milapantsyahoo
    5 MAR, 2016
    This was a definite winner! I set my timer for 15 min and that turned out to be perfect. The edges were well-browned, and I was worried that the middle would be under. It turned out to be lightly browned, and the overall texture resembled the Swedish pancakes I've had at diners. The pancake was beautifully fluffy and dramatic when I took it out of the oven. It flattened as expected, but it was a show! I'll be making this again. Enough for 2 people.
  • jd.amanda
    19 DEC, 2015
    Easy, fast, tasty. Also works with buttermilk. Watch it closely -- sometimes it is well done by 18 minutes. Will make again and again.
  • MS10995665
    10 MAY, 2014
    I never would have made this recipe without all of the positive reviews!! Made a different one 30 years ago and gave up. This couldn't be easier or more delicious, yum! I used the zest of the lemon and mixed it with the sugar while the pancake baked and then used 1/2 the lemon which was more like 2 Tbsp of juice, delicious! Everyone was moaning while they ate it. Thank you
  • marvsec7t
    9 MAY, 2013
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