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This delicious cobbler recipe is courtesy of Virginia Willis and can be found in her cookbook, "Bon Appetit, Y'all."

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, July Summer 2008



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  • pamperraul4482925
    13 APR, 2016
    Hi Virginia Willis. This recipe is a perfect 'ten' in my book; I made it with no difficulties whatsoever (it worked exactly like your video), my family loved it, and it will now be a regular on our celebration tables. Thank you so very much!
  • hayley e
    1 SEP, 2012
    I've made this recipe four times this summer with blackberries picked from the yard. The batter makes a very spongy, cake-like topping, and even my pickiest family members were eating spoonfuls out of the pan after they first tried it.
  • krisx2
    7 SEP, 2008
    This was a delicious way to enjoy all our fresh picked blackberries. I served it with vanilla ice cream, and the whole family enjoyed it. I used a 10-inch cast iron skillet, and I wouldn't go any bigger unless you increase the recipe proportionally.
  • mmau
    22 AUG, 2008
    Sorry so long to answer Anniekac. I remembered you asked the size of the skillet and I measured it one day.... then I forgot to get back here with the report. This recipe fit perfectly in my 10 inch cast iron. I think 12 would be much too large, though if you used a different fruit......perhaps.... but I would make more batter for a 12 inch. It's a great recipe.
  • akfriendanch
    6 AUG, 2008
    I've made this recipe twice since the show aired - once for family and another tme for our neighbors. Everyone enjoyed it! Served the cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream - delicious! I had lost my grandma's recipe and this is it , or quite close - love the mouthwatering sweet juxtaposed with a bit of tartness. Thanks Martha and Meme!
  • MS10340145
    4 AUG, 2008
    Anniekac, Virginia Willis did not mention a size of skillet, but did recommend a 9 X 13 glass dish/Pyrex as an alternative, so that may help you determine the size cast iron skillet you'd want to use (10 or 12 in., I'd think.) Hope that helps.
  • Anniekac
    3 AUG, 2008
    Does anyone know what size of skillet? It just says "large". I want to try this, but need to buy a cast iron skillet first and I want it to come out perfect! Thanks.
    1 AUG, 2008
    I've used this recipe twice since I saw it made on Martha's show last week. Last week I made it. Although I only had about two cups of blackberries, it still came out great. Yesterday I used 4 cups of peaches instead of blackberries and it's delicious. I love this recipe.
  • mmau
    31 JUL, 2008
    I did it out on the grill. It did work very well. You have to know your grill well, I waited a just a bit too long to move it to the side for indirect heating, and got a bit of scorching at the sides. But let me just say that it was great. Easy as pie and better than most cobbler recipes. I got some very tasty Driscoll organic blackberries - they were so good, I was somewhat hesitant to experiment with them on the grill. Everyone pronounced it delicious and asked when I would make the next one.
  • kerriemac
    31 JUL, 2008
    I made this beautiful desert yesterday. It was really delicious. I watched Martha last week and saw this being made. My husband then came home with wild blackberrys. I immediatly knew what I was going to do. It looked like something I had bought from a bakery. Served it warm with vanilla ice cream. My family was very impressed. ( And it was so simple to prepare) Thanks Martha !!

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