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Quick Arrangement Ideas

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 6092

To give an instant, fresh feeling to any room in your home, interior designer Victoria Hagan recommends including at least one natural element in your decor. Be it flowers, a bowl of green apples, or a bunch of wheatgrass, a simple, natural arrangement is a fun and easy way to liven up any space. After all, "Green is like a little black dress for every room," she says.

Green Apples
Colorful green apples become an elegant centerpiece when placed in a low bowl.

Buy trays of wheatgrass at the supermarket or florist and set out as is for a rustic display.

Arrange tulips, which tend to flop, in a short, rectangular vase or a straight-sided, round vessel that is not too wide; choose a vase with just the right circumference to hold the flowers in place.

Rose leaves are often in bad shape: Strip the flowers of their leaves and insert lemon leaves in their place for a full floral look.

Inexpensive mint julep cups look great grouped together with fresh herbs from the local grocery store placed in them.

Power of One
While a vase full of lilies has a big impact, remember that a single stem in a very thin vase can be equally impressive. Simply strip the leaves off the flower before placing in vase.

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