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Interior Design with Victoria and Marianne Hagan

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 6092

Interior designer Victoria Hagan is known for creating serene, refined spaces that merge traditional aesthetics with modern silhouettes. Since founding her firm, Victoria Hagan Interiors, more than 20 years ago, the iconic designer has worked on projects ranging from elegant urban residences to casual weekend retreats. When it came time to chronicle her signature style for the new retrospective "Victoria Hagan: Interior Portraits," she turned immediately to her sister, writer Marianne Hagan.

The ease of sisterly communication was a crucial aspect to the development of this design tome. "I think it really worked for Victoria to do the book with someone who knew her history, her likes and dislikes," explains Marianne. Together, the sisters showcase the hallmarks of Victoria's design sense -- an artful integration of architecture and interiors, sophisticated color palette, and strong sense of scale -- as seen in residences around the world.

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