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Dark-Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting

This dense cake offers an intense chocolate experience, complete with fudgy frosting.

Source: Everyday Food, October 2008
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  • kristiesanchez
    13 OCT, 2017
    I made this precisely as instructed, but as other reviewers stated, this cake is VERY dry. It comes out of the oven smelling and looking fabulous. However, when you slice into it, the cake falls apart and crumbles. No about of ganache or milk to drink with it will help this cake. I really regret not reading more of the reviews prior to making this because I made it for my birthday. While it still tastes good, mostly due to the ganache, I don't even want to eat the rest of it.
  • zbitetheapple
    20 AUG, 2017
    Trim down the bake time/temp on this otherwise delicious cake. I tossed out the first attempt due to extremely dry texture after following the recipe exactly. Second attempt dropped temp to 325 and tested with toothpick after 25 minutes -it was done!
  • cakengiftsini
    30 MAY, 2017
    Fabulous cake!!!! There was a birthday party of my friend’s sister, We amused this party with this delicious cake, Thanks for sharing this article. Thanks alot!!!!!!!
  • jack987654gmai
    14 MAR, 2016
    PLEASE READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE BAKING...Made this cake with my 5 yr old daughter. She has baking fever after watching a marathon session of the Kids Baking Championship. She wanted to bake a fancy cake. Use real chocolate. So after a google search we tried this. SO DRY! The reviewers are correct. With so many dry/bad reviews it makes me wonder if the Stewart team are reading the comments. They should and adjust the recipe or explain what we all are doing wrong!
  • stevenvmitchell
    14 FEB, 2016
    Wish I had read all of the reviews - this cake is SO DRY. I threw the whole thing out and started all over with another recipe. An expensive waste of ingredients. Any cake with 4 egg yolks is not going to come out moist.
  • SquirrellyCakes
    16 JUN, 2015
    I have always loved Martha Stewart recipes until this one. Crumbly and dry even though I baked for only 30 minutes. Made for my sister's 40 th anniversary and got the notion it just felt dry, when removed cakes from pans. So I made a different MS recipe for her which turned out beautifully. My family had this one tonight and even with sugar syrup and icing added, it is still dry and crumbly. Expensive experiment with the amount of chocolate, cocoa and butter. Reviews stating dry are correct.
  • VickiR52
    13 SEP, 2014
    Other reviewers have called this cake "dry." I read the reviews while it was in the oven (at 325 degrees) so I removed it early, and it is not dry, exactly. It's ... powdery. It's moist enough, but the crumb is all wrong. It doesn't hold together well. When I cut it, the crumbs were very small and there were a lot of them, and mouthfeel is weird. Maybe the cocoa didn't dissolve? That doesn't make sense. Anyway, I'm not serving it to my guests, but I'll freeze it for family use with ice cream.
  • angdrew
    13 FEB, 2014
    We just finished this up, AMAZING CAKE!! This will be our go to recipe. We just baked it about 10 minutes less, and spooned it into the pan, & spread it even. It was picture perfect when we flipped it out. Will definitly use over again.
  • misspolished
    9 JAN, 2014
    This cake is extremely dry!!! I get that it is supposed to be a dense dark chocolate cake but it is so much to the point that it makes it tragically dry. I am not even sure why it comes out so dry, but I am guessing the lack of milk maybe. I was expecting it to come out moist and dense, like a brownie but this was just not good. Maybe it's ok with a huge scoop of ice cream to make it go down...i don't know. Other than a good chocolate flavor, this cake was not impressive.
  • Rebecca A
    5 JAN, 2014
    I lovingly made this for my boyfriend's birthday and followed directions to a tee, but it was so dry. Disappointed in the dryness.

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