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Turn Hardware Pipes into a Modern Wine Rack

No one will guess that this sleek, modern wine rack is made of PVC pipe from a hardware store. The design is completely flexible, so you can create one to fit inside any shelf or cabinet and paint it to suit your own decor.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 2011


  • Hacksaw

  • 4-inch PVC pipe

  • Sandpaper

  • Acetone

  • Indoor/outdoor all-purpose spray primer

  • Spray paint

  • Industrial-strength self-adhesive Velcro strips


  1. Using a hacksaw, cut lengths of pipe to fit the depth of your cabinet or shelf or have it done at the hardware store.

  2. Sand the cut edges smooth. Wipe the outside of the pipe with acetone to remove any oils, which would prevent the paint from adhering.

  3. Spray pipes with primer; when dry, spray them with paint.

  4. Once dry, join pipes to one another and to the base of your cabinet or shelf using Velcro strips.

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