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Coconut-Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies

Recipe photo courtesy of Bryan Gardner

The chocolate filling rolled into these chewy Christmas pinwheel cookies creates a fudgy, brownie-like swirl that's completely irresistible.

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  • t2leary2
    10 DEC, 2017
    I keep the chocolate in the double boiler on my granite countertop and scoop it out all at once to spread it. I go end to end except leave about 1/2 inch on one of the long sides so that when you’re rolling the dough, the extra can ooze to the end. I roll from the long side to make more, smaller cookies, because they are a big hit and I’d rather share smaller/more cookies at my cookie exchange. Love using the desiccated coconut because it gives it a chewier bite and is more “gourmet.” I also use a bread knife to get thin slices so that I have enough to compensate for my “goofs.”
  • sweepeez
    15 DEC, 2013
    The ganache stiffened up when I spread it onto the chilled dough. I massaged the ganache with the palm of my hand to spread it evenly and smoothly over the dough. Also, the dough cracked when rolled, but I reshaped it once it was wrapped in the parchment. I haven't baked these yet - they're still chilling - but I can't wait to taste them.
  • kvnsgrl
    12 NOV, 2013
    Like a prettier chocolate-dipped macaroon. Very tasty and easy.
  • one smart cookie
    11 DEC, 2012
    This recipe is very versatile!! Try making the dough without coconut and adding cinnamon for chocolate-cinnamon swirls OR adding orange zest for chocolate-orange swirls. Everyone tries to guess how I made the chewy chocolate layer. Thanx Martha - I love you!!!!! :D
  • Antoinettemarie
    26 JUN, 2012
    This recipe receives a 5 Star from me just the way it is written...delicious cookie that I will make for years to come.
  • IzziGirl
    21 DEC, 2009
    I made a big plate of six or seven different holiday cookies, and these disappeared the fastest. They're really pretty and the chewiness in them is fantastic. I like that they look nice in a clear tin to give as gifts. Considering how easy they were to make, they are definitely worth it.
  • mykele
    3 OCT, 2009
    I think that you would find these less dry if you used regular sweet ened coconut....................mykele
  • llcourtney
    22 JAN, 2009
    I made these last weekend and they are great. It does take some planning since you need to chill them overnight but they are worth it. They puff up more than I expected so definitely leave the 1" on each side. I used generic sweetened coconut from the grocery store and it worked fine. This recipe is a keeper.
  • rmcclary
    28 NOV, 2008
    I've used both the dessicated coconut and sweetened coconut, and both are delicious! The latter is obviously a bit sweeter and lends toward a moister cookie. This is a holiday favorite that many look forward to every year!
  • patcash
    7 NOV, 2008
    I wonder if you could use the sweetened coconut. What would it hurt? I ask because in my particular condition it is hard for me to go shopping around looking for this.

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