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Makes 4 cups


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  • In a heavy-bottomed 4-quart saucepan, heat milk, stirring frequently over medium heat, to 185 degrees. Remove from heat, and let cool to 110 degrees.

  • Place yogurt in a medium bowl. Using a whisk, gradually stir in cooled milk, about 1/2 cup at a time, stirring until smooth between additions. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, poking two or three holes for ventilation. Transfer to a warm place (about 90 degrees), and let sit until milk begins to thicken around the edges and the yogurt is set, about 5 hours.

  • Place bowl in refrigerator until completely chilled. Reserve at least 1/4 cup of this yogurt to begin next batch.

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Rating: Unrated
mine isn't smooth but it tastes delicious! Could I have heated the milk too hot? I used raw whole milk and the lighted oven.
Rating: Unrated
I was just reading up on yogurt and here are the reasons why it might not thicken up enough... 1) Starter culture is too weak or added when milk was too hot (that can kill the culture, milk should be between 100 adn 110 degrees) 2)Starter was not mixed thoroughly with milk 3) Utensils used in preping yogurt were not clean 4) Starter was stirred to vigorously into milk 5) if using dry milk, there may be preservative present that interfere w/ the incubatin process. Hope that helps!
Rating: Unrated
Mine tastes great too, but it's texture came out "ropy" or "stringy" and was a bit unpleasant to eat because of this. Anyone know of anything I can do to change the texture?
Rating: Unrated
I was wondering, does the yogurt firm up? I have made a couple of batches, one being the old fashioned way, and today I borrowed my an electric yogurt maker, both made fairly thin yogurt...
Rating: Unrated
This is the best homemade yogurt I have ever made. I have been making yogurt for 19 years and this is easy and delicious. I had never poked holes in the plastic to allow ventilation. Good tip. I put my bowl in the oven with the oven light on overnight and it came out so smooth and mild. The best taste ever.
Rating: Unrated
I use two large mason jars wrapped in towels placed inside a big towel-lined pot, which I place on top of a heating pad right before I go to bed (I don't get very much sleep). It seems like magic, but this really does work. I've been doing it forever! My mom always put her bowl inside the oven with the light on.