Mix it, shape it, cook it (or freeze it): Our four deliciously different meals all begin with one simple ground-meat recipe.

You may already count on ground meat for easy meals (chances are, you have some in the fridge now). And for good reason: It can be the foundation for dinners both comforting and exotic, whether an all-American meat loaf or spicy Asian-style kebabs. But you can make this staple work even harder for you. With our clever, time-saving Ground-Meat Mix technique, you prepare multiple meals at once, so you'll eat well tonight and stock the freezer, too.

Start with a mix of ground beef and pork (using the two results in a rich, balanced flavor) and add some kitchen basics -- bread, milk, egg, garlic, and onion -- to turn it into a flavorful base for our recipes. The only hard part is deciding which to enjoy tonight and which to save for another day.

4 Ground-Meat Recipes

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Martha Stewart Member
February 16, 2011
I LOVE this (these) recipe(s) - and so does my family. The meatloaf was a huge hit and the meatballs were inhaled! Wonderful, simple and economical!