Lambrusco is like the love child of wine and Champagne, an intoxicating union of tannin and fizz. Still under the radar, this Italian bubbly deserves just as much attention as other sparkling wines. Slightly less effervescent than Champagne and with a wider range of incarnations -- it's available in red, white, and rosato varieties -- it works for casual cocktail parties as well as special occasions.

Try any of our favorite Lambruscos below, with salty flavors: cured meats, hard cheeses, or these delicious deep-fried olives.

1. Ceci Otello Nero di Lambrusco (nonvintage, $20) This purple-hued fizz is creamy and has a mild berry scent and subtle tannins.

2. Lambrusco Rigoletto, Roberto Negri (2008, $12) An off-dry, extra-bubbly red that has a hint of berry.

3. Ceci Lambrusco, Tre di Terre Verdiane (2008, $20) Floral notes make this sparkling white pleasantly crisp and refreshing.

4. Centenario, Grasparossa di Castelvetro Cleto Chiarli (nonvintage, $20) A deep-red wine with a rich, intense flavor.

Ambi glasses, $5 each,

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April 18, 2011
I was so excited that you identified the glasses in this article! They were exactly what I wanted...until I got them. I am not sure if that is the largest bottle of sparkling wine or what but the glasses featured are 22 oz.!!! The cb2 website did not indicate this until after the purchase was made. My question is, is Martha suggesting we serve our guests this much alcohol?