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Chocolate Graham Cracker Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow

This delicious recipe is courtesy of Jennifer Shea, owner of Trophy Cupcakes.




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  • laurenwiegmanm
    6 FEB, 2016
    At first, I was very excited for these. I have many problems with this recipe. The measurements are WAY OFF. We followed the directions exactly. The cupcakes caved in. We were very disappointed with the turn out. We were making these for the Super Bowl, but they would've been more appropriate for the "deflate gate" more than anything. There is no flavor in the cupcakes, and more. 1/2 a star
  • spam_teri
    27 NOV, 2015
    Liked it, didn't love it. Graham cracker layers added nice texture. Chocolate layer at bottom made it too sweet. Torched icing was a nice finish. Next time I'll omit the chocolate layer on the bottom. As for quantity, I had enough extra batter to make a dozen cupcakes (w/o extra layers/toppings), and half the icing recipe was plenty for two dozen s'mores cupcakes. Baked for 19 minutes.
  • MirandaJordan10
    14 NOV, 2014
    I have made these for multiple events including fundraisers and birthdays! The only thing I do differently is use chocolate chips instead of chopped chocolate (I've done it both ways...both work just fine!). Other than that..I follow it to tee and these come out beautifully every time!
  • Megha Tank
    13 MAR, 2014
    I made this one today. Couldnt make out when the cup cake was done since everytime I inserted my tooth pick,it came out moist...As a result the biscuit crust at the base got burnt..Nevertheless I know where I went wrong and I loved it simply... I made a eggless version of this and used Digestive biscuits instead.. This one rocks!!! Thank you Trophy Cupcakes.. :)
  • Kerrie-Prince
    3 AUG, 2013
    This recipe is fabulous. I had success with the cake batter and crust. The frosting was so silky smooth and fluffy, and they torched up beautifully. The only trouble I had was the frosting turning to sugar after 5-6 hours. Is there a way to stop the crystallization? Did I do something wrong in the process?
  • kmcilmoil
    12 JUL, 2013
    This recipe is absolutely amazing! I have been making it since I first saw Jennifer Shea of Trophy Cupcakes on the show. I have people request them all the time for weddings, showers, birthday parties. The batter is really runny, but that is right. The filling takes up so much space on the bottom of the cupcake liner that there is the tendency to overfill the liners and then the cake will fluff up a little too high. Marshmallow the video before you make it.
  • Futsy
    1 JUN, 2013
    I have tried this recipe three times now. I figured if it's from Trophy Cupcakes, then they must know what they are doing. I made them exactly as directed, but each and every batch has turned out horrible. The cupcake papers overflow with batter, even though I meticulously filled them 3/4 full as the recipe states. They rise feebly, and then collapse in a puddle of chocolate ooze when they begin to cool. I even tried filling them 1/2 full, thinking that would help. Nope. Good flavor though.
  • kiltfire
    23 MAY, 2013
    Was not a fan.
  • pab2003
    20 MAY, 2013
    One more thing: you really can make the cupcake portion three days ahead. They hold up great in an airtight container. The icing also stores well in the fridge in a pastry bag. But you should pipe and torch the icing at most a few hours before use, otherwise it loses the toasty-ness and the icing starts to deflate--it puffs up wonderfully when you toast it. And I highly recommend a kitchen torch.
  • pab2003
    20 MAY, 2013
    This recipe was an unqualified hit--"best cupcake ever" was tossed around more than once. The textural contrasts between the graham cracker crust, the cake, and the icing was great. I offer the following suggestions: -I substituted half cup of espresso for a half cup of the boiling water -I used whole chocolate chips, unchopped -I didn't prebake the crusts for the second batch and they seemed fine -You only really need half of the icing recipe

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